The Spare Me Rescue Tool: A Multitool Built for the Road


I got hold of one and let me tell you, this thing is in my Jeep and it's staying there for when I know I'll need it. 

I recently came across the Spare Me Rescue Tool, a 5 in 1 multitool equipped with five features in one handheld tool. The Spare Me is designed to help drivers of all levels resolve emergencies on the road including flat tires, getting stuck in mud, and even getting out of ice and snow. I wanted to learn more about the Spare Me, its story, and how it’s helping drivers to be more self sufficient and stay safer on the road.

It all started when Washington-based inventor Kevin Klier observed a car mechanic lift a car tire with his foot while replacing a spare. He thought there had to be an easier and safer way for drivers and mechanics to replace tires. He patented a design for a multitool that would serve as a tire lift, a shovel, an ice scraper, an extended torque wrench, and a traction device all in one. He then decided to use glass-filled nylon resin as the tool’s material base to create a highly durable, powerful tool.

Weighing in at 15 ounces, it’s a fairly lightweight tool for the pressure it can withstand. Its simple design makes it look like an oversized ice scraper, but it can do much more than that. Let’s breakdown what the Spare Me can offer:

Lift - The tool’s curved belly acts as a fulcrum to provide lift when placing the tire on the hub. This is the innovation that came out of observing the car mechanic. Simply place the tool under your tire and push down on the handle to easily lift your tire without strain.

Leverage - This is another tire-related feature. The tool’s hollow handle can work as a “cheater bar” to help ease the strain of removing lug nuts. All you have to do is place the handle on your tire wrench and you’ll have about 20 inches of extension to provide extra torque.

Shovel - This one might be a bit self-explanatory, but the tool’s curved belly also creates a shovel. With the extended handle, you can easily reach tight spaces around the tire to help remove dirt, mud, sand, ice and snow and get your tire unstuck.

Traction - Another feature related to tire assistance, the serrated edges found on the tool’s nine rows of “teeth” act as traction and dig into the ground allowing you to use the tool as a platform to drive over and easily remove your car from the elements.

Scraper - At first glance, the Spare Me looks like a giant ice scraper, which is great because it offers that function as well. It contains a 5” leading tapered edge that can remove ice, snow, and other debris.

The Spare Me Team is currently hosting an Indiegogo campaign during the month of October to raise funds to manufacture their next model, the Spare Me 8 in 1. The 8 in 1 will contain all the innovations of the 5 in 1, but with a specialized cap that has a twist activated flashlight, a pointed-tip glassbreaker, and a discreet seat belt cutter. Now you can stay safe on the road and also in the face of an automotive emergency. Check out their Indiegogo page here (and their badass crowdfunding film) to reserve your Spare Me 8 in 1 today.


You can also visit their website here: for more information.

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-Kelly Murray
Assistant Producer/Project Manager at Spare Me Rescue Tool

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