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Band Kits

What's a Band Kit?
Our #superessebandkits are tools and supplies that attach to the strap of your wrist watch or to your paracord strap.  The supplies are concealed under ranger bands that wrap around the watch band or bracelet.  Concealed under the ranger bands are micro survival supplies such as a fish hook, tinder, ferro rod, kevlar saw, jute rope, ceramic blade, water purification tablet, or glow light.  It is a survival kit mod for your watch or bracelet.  The stretch of ranger bands allows these kits to easily be added to your current paracord bracelet upgrading a basic band into an advanced survival bracelet.

Will it fit my watch or paracord strap?
Band Kits will fit virtually any watch including GShock, Suunto, Times, smart watches, Fossil and Casio as well as paracord and other band type bracelets.

How do I install the kit to my strap?
The ranger bands stretch and fit nearly any strap size. You can use a pair of needle-nose-pliers to stretch them easily to install and wrap around the strap. Peel back the ranger band or roll it up a bit as you stuff the supplied kit items underneath. Some items in the kit are loose while others are first secured inside a tinder tape patch or sealed packet.

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