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Paracord Puck Survival Kit - Purify Water, Fire Starter, Fishing Kit, Cutting Tool, Cordage, Compact for Every Day Carry

Paracord Puck Survival Kit - Purify Water, Fire Starter, Fishing Kit, Cutting Tool, Cordage, Compact for Every Day Carry

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Paracord Survival Puck

(Stainless Steel Canteen Cup filled with survival supplies, all wrapped in 550lb Paracord with lanyard & clip)

This unique survival kit provides several needed tools in order to survive. Weighing less than 4 ounces, it's lightweight and compact for everyday carry. Clip it to your belt, you backpack, or keychain. Carry supplies to boil water, start a fire, cut, shelter build, fish, filter water, and more. 

Each puck is built by hand in the USA by our Partner at Fire, Water, Survival and built to specifications for Superesse.

Paracord Puck
1. Water Purification: 75 ML collapsible stainless steel cup (4 inch stainless wire holder included w/cup).  

2. Fire Starting Kit: magnesium ferrocerium fire starter, hack saw blade striker/scraper, 8 inches jute twine (tinder) and 1 foot nylon cord (lanyard). 
3. Cutting Tool: single edge razor blade (secondary striker for fire starter). 
4. Fishing Kit: 12 feet 12lb. test fishing line, #6 and #4 bait hooks, cork (pre drilled), 2 re-usable fishing line weights.
5. Waterproof Instructions: Printed instructions on a coffee filter, all waterproof ink. Provides directions for fire starting and kit uses.  
6. Cordage and Wire: 12 feet 7 strand 550 para-cord (wrapped around kit), 2 feet 22 gauge stainless steel wire for hanging cup, trapping, general use. 

Note: Please be aware that this kit is tied in a knot and cannot be opened and put back together. The purpose is to have a nice looking kit that can be placed in your pocket or hung anywhere you like. Once opened you cannot re-tie the knot the same way. This post and price is for 1 individual kit. 

Add-Ons (these items can be attached to the clip to add extra functions and tools at quick access)
1. Mechanics Steel Cable Ring: Flexible  key ring w/ threaded coupler end.
2. P38 Multi-Tool : Can Opener, Black Plated: Use as Cutting Tool, Fire Striker, Screwdriver, Sinker and Weight, Knife Sharpener, polish off black to use as signal mirror.

3. Tweezers: Stainless steel tweezers. Remove a splinter/tick, perform tasks on small items, hygiene care, key chain hole and sheath included.
4. Mini-Screw Bit: Key ring duel phillips and flat head screwdriver bit, use split ring for torque to turn screws.
5. Ferroceriumm Rod: 3" oversized magnesium alloy firecrafting key fob capable of producing 5500°F sparks. Drilled key chain hole with aviation cable.
6. Mini Permanent Marker: Removable Key Ring cap adapter.
7. Titanium Pry Bar: US Gov, Non-Magnetic, Rust Proof, 2" Rugged Prying Tool.
8. Micro Handcuff Key: Concealable Polymer escape key for universal cuffs, clothing clip.
9. Fatwood Pendant: Fire tinder and kindling, high resin sap wood for starting fire.

All Add-ons also come with a free Split Ring: Gunmetal blackened finish, heavy duty.