Filter Mask - 1 Micron Surgical Style Face Barrier and Containment Shield

Filter Mask - 1 Micron Surgical Style Face Barrier and Containment Shield

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This two layered ripstop mask with built-in 1 Micron Filter creates a physical barrier to reduce your exposure to airborne droplet contaminates and helps to negate the spread of infectious diseases. As with all common face coverings and mask, it does not stop the spread nor does it filter out  viruses. It's not a respirator, it's a containment mask. It does however, offer greater protection that a homemade cotton mask.

We wanted to make a Mask that can be a part of your Everyday Carry. It can be reused, quickly slipped on your face, and even worn inside-out. While it is not recommended for wear in highrisk environments, it offers an increased layer of protection when compared to standard handmade fabric masks. The 1 Micron Filter will limit particulates larger that 1 micron from passing thru and reduces dosage and prevents direct exposure from large airborne droplets typically produces by others coughing. Pocket Carry Daily. Wear while in public during pandemic scenarios. Wear to egress from a smoke filled building. Wear during hazmat and crowd control events where gases are present. It's important to note that most masks are worn improperly and handled more frequently causing additional contacts to face. 
    • Dusk Mask / Particulate Filtering Facepiece: Shields airways from direct physical  droplet exposure of harmful particles/contaminates. 
      ☑1 Nominal Micron Hybrid Media Filter built-in. 
      ☑Filters formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, benzene, carbinol, and other toxins.
      ☑Serves as a physical barrier to reduce airborne droplet exposure or dosage of infectious diseases.
      ☑1 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) Airflow.
      Reusable. Reversible. Pocketable. Adjustable (one size fits most with sliding silicon cinch).
      ☑Does not seal, not a respirator, does not filter viruses but rather shields from direct exposure, not NIOSH certified. 

    Note: Masks are made with 100% Cotton Ripstop in the following colors; Coyote Brown, Olive Drab, Black, Woodland Camo, or a combination of these colors.

    Care/Maintenance: Option 1: Hand wash(no soap). Use 5% bleach solution and rinse thoroughly. Hang dry only. Option 2: Hang in center of oven, at least 6" from metal or racks, heat at 148-158°F for 30 minutes. Option 3: Soak for 1 minute in bowl of hydrogen peroxide, rinse thoroughly. Option 4: Hang outside for 72 hours. Option 5: Wash in the washing machine with a cap of bleach. Hang dry.

    For field expedient cleaning, boiling water (under 275°F) may be poured thru filter.

    *Filter Specs: Small polymer fibers filter media with varying diameters sieve pours forced into a matrix and singed process locks in the filaments allowing polyester hybrid membranes create broad-spectrum separation on nano-particulates.

    *Use at your own risk based on your training and experiences. Materials are not FDA/EPA/NIOSH approved. Mask does not seal and does not filter particulates under 1 micron (viruses are under 1 micron). 

    *Recommended use is as an improvised particulate safety mask to create a physical barrier against exposure or limitation of spreading diseases if the wearer is exposed. Use when an N95 or other NIOSH approved device is not obtainable.

    *Superesse masks/bandanas are meant to help block airborne large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays or splatter that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria), keeping it from reaching your mouth and nose but it's primary use is as a source control to prevent the asymptomatic wearer from spreading to others. It will also prevent you from accidental hand to face contacts. It will not aid in the shielding from inhalation or aerosolized disease. It's designed for EDC where the daily carry of an N95 mask is not practical.