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Marathoner Strap - Running Reflective and Glow Safety Paracord Bracelet

Marathoner Strap - Running Reflective and Glow Safety Paracord Bracelet

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Designed for the outdoor runner, cyclist, or those with an active lifestyle. This paracord bracelet has multiple options that will increase your visibility while exercising along the roadway. The cord itself provides a bright neon glow, it is weaved with reflective light tracers, comes with option of a bright LED light or whistle, and allows you to carry a key or other small item on your wrist. The luminous compass keeps your beating true when trail running off the beaten path.


1- Light Gray Reflective Paracord, (Mil-Spec 550lb, 165' estimated total cordage including 7 inner nylon strands each w/ 2 braided strings) includes 3M traces built in, (see next description).

2- 3M Retro Reflective Tracers, weaved into paracord (high reflective properties, mirrors light directly back to source, increases visibility while running near roadways)

3- ParaGlow White- Glow in the dark luminous cordage. Available as a Thin White Line or as a duel cobra weave. Leave message at checkout with choice. If no note is left we will do a thin white line theme.

4- *Retention Bands, (secure key to your bracelet, great for pocketless running pants/shorts). Secure other items such as extra ear buds or electrolyte tab.

5- *Luminous Compass: Fixed 360 Degree Dial. Subdued Fit on Paracord Bracelet. Water Proof/Impact Resistant.


Option 1: *Concealed Storage Buckle, (store medication, spare ear buds, etc)

Option 2:  *Whistle Buckle, high pitch pealess signal whistle.

Option 3: *LED Light buckle w/ flashing safety feature, (light up your path or alert on coming traffic of your presence with the safety flash)