Task Strap - Multitool Paracord Bracelet with EDC Tool Sets and Survival Equipment.

Task Strap - Multitool Paracord Bracelet with EDC Tool Sets and Survival Equipment.

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Select 2, 4, or 8 tool sets & equipment options. Choose the Loadout that matches the number of boxes checked.

This paracord strap is built to hold small steel tool set cards. The cards are outfitted with micro supplies such as a lock pick, fish hook, arrow, needle, saw, etc. The cards fit closely against the top of the strap and are tucked away secured under heavy duty rubber (ranger) bands. Thumb out and deploy the card for the task at hand. We give you full control in selecting not only what tool cards fit your needs but also have added a useful group of survival equipment which are also added to the strap. This equipment ranges from a compass, bottle opener, to even a firestarter. This custom multi-tool is ready for action and built with an array EDC essentials.

1. Select paracord wrist size, (see main paracord straps page for sizing info).
2. Select paracord color.
3. Select the Loadout that matches the quantity of tool sets and equipment add-ons you plan to check, (you must select the same number of tool sets and add-ons, selection must be 2, 4, or 8 of each).
4. Select your Buckle.
5. Select 2, 4, or 8 tool sets.
6. Select 2, 4, or 8 equipment add-ons.

- The #TaskStrap is fully customizeable and is available with your choice of buckle, tool set, and add-ons. All straps come with a hand full of ranger  bands. -

1- *10’-15’ of Paracord Mil Spec 550lb, 125 feet to 225 feet total cordage including 7 inner nylon strands each w/ 2 braided strings. Replace shoestrings, make a bow saw, lash together logs to create a raft, make a bear bag, weave a fish net or use as fish line, floss teeth, support line for tent. Type III, 7 STRAND NYLON

2- *Six Ranger Bands: Fire Tender & Smoke Signal (30 Second burn time), heavy duty rubber band, bandage for fingers, gear strapping, bundle loose items, waterproof a survival tin or Zippo, use as shock absorber on cell phone, burn for a large signal flame, grip for pistol, etc. TIPS: Use band to secure smaller items to your bracelet.

BUCKLE OPTIONS: (select 1)

Flashlight LED Buckle: Strobe Function. Water Resistant. Replaceable battery. 
TIPS: Replace the battery by unsnapping and exchanging with 2 cr1220 lithium battery.

3in1 Buckle: Inside of buckle houses a ferro friestarter buckle. A Ceramic Striker Blade and Cutting Tool is attached to the underside of buckle and is removable. The side of buckle has a pealess, high-pitch emergency whistle. 

Handcuff Key Buckle: A polymer cuff key is stored inside the cavity of the buckle and can be removed and replaced for endless uses. 

TOOL SET CARD OPTIONS: (select 2, 4, or 8)

These are flat steel cards that have removable parts like a lockpick, fishing hooks, etc.  3-4 fit tightly against the strap and can be deployed quickly. The strap may hold up to 8 but this will create a bulky wear appearance. Cards have a special tool retention system applied to the back of them. This allows you to take a piece of a tool use it, and return it to its original position to be used again at another date.

Built from surgical grade stainless steel, each card is under 1mm thin, highly durable, and stackable on the strap for multiple carry variations. 

Curved Suture Needles: tend to a wound.

Tweezers: remove a splinter, tick puller.

Multi-Wrench: designed for multiple bit sizes and also contains a screwdriver bit turner.


EQUIPMENT ADD-ONS: (select 2, 4, or 8)

30" Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.) Sawing Cord: (200lb tested - UV/Friction Resistant) Saw branches/zipties/ropes- Fashion a bow saw, catch wild game using as a snare wire, make a trip line, use as garrote. Adopted by US Army SERE specialists and NAVY Seals. TIPS: A. Use long back & forth sawing motions to reduce friction/damage to K.U.T. Concentrate sawing on a single point of item being cut. B. Wear gloves to protect your hand or create handles from a pen/stick.

10x Extra Ranger Bands: Use as replacements or attached for concealing more gear to strap.

Bottle opener: CRKT brand, black (to be replaced with stainless silver) plated steel bottle opener. Attached to outer band ready to open a bottle of brew anywhere and anytime. Place corner of bottle top against paracord and place lip of opener under top, then pull back to open.

Firestarter Toggle: Firesteel peg, scrape to create sparks and fire.

Tinder Wick: Strand of tinder coated in combustible fuel, easily ignites, burns hot, long burn time. TIPS: Remove wick, fray wick into smaller strands to increase surface area, light.

Polymer Handcuff: Non-metallic, universal fit. Escape illegal detainments in hostage, SERE, kidnapping scenarios.

Zirconia Ceramic Razor Blade and Fire Striker (Wear Resistant - Non-Dulling Cutting Edge - Covert - Non Metallic - Concealable ). Strike against flint to create sparks, cutting blade for endless uses, razor sharp for shaving or skinning. (fits on underside of buckle held by ranger band)

Hardened Mirror w/ protective film: Small peel and stick mirror with highly reflective properties for signalling or communicating. (STANDALONE MIRROR CAN BE ADDED UNDER RANGER BAND OR ATTACHED TO SOME BUCKLES/TOOLS)

Tinder Wick and Jute: Wick is retrieved from Fire Cord: A combustible wick, easy ignite, strong flame, long burn time, waterproof. Jute is fibrous rope/string with large surface area capability for catching spark. TIPS: A. Fray wick/jute to create a tinder nest. B. Light. C. Each 1 inch piece of wick/jute will burn for up to 1 minute.

F.A.T. First Aid Tinder Pack, quick light cotton fire tinder soaked in anti-bacterial treatment. Packaged in waterproof & burnable plastic tinder straw. TIPS: Quickly get a fire started using as tinder. Apply anti-bacterial ointment to injury to prevent infection.

Saw Shim: Superesse Custom built shimming pin to sweep single locked handcuffs or zipties. The single side saw can serve to cut thru other restrains like rope or can serve as tool for other sawing tasks. TIPS: Thread cordage thru lanyard holes to create finger loops for better grasp.

Cyalume Red Stick (Military Grade NATO Chemlight, HI-VIS, 4yr Shelf Life in sealed packet) Break to activate. Illuminate documents, complete tasks in low light conditions. Use as signalling/comms device. Redlight prevents light fragmentation.

P38 MultiTool: This tool is weaved onto the outer band and may interfere with the flat lay of the tool cards. 

6" Tinder Parchment Band: A strip of highly flammable tinder paper for starting multiple fires.