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Superesse Lanyards - Paracord Survival Kit Necklaces

What are Superesse Lanyards?
We've handmade a series of necklaces, each with a set of supplies equipped. The kits range from gear to escape a hostage/kidnapping scenario, aid in immediate action fire crafting, self defense, or simply to assist in daily tasks such as cutting a rope. 

Will they fit me?
They are one size fits all. Most lanyards are tied off with an easy to adjust system. Simply grab the tied knot ends and pull/slide the cordage to increase or decrease the size. Some lanyards use a clip closure. If the shipped size is too large, just unclip then cut off excess, then reclip. 

How do I use the lanyard?
You wear it on your neck. Deploy the attached items as needed. Some items are threaded thru a hole and permanently secured to the lanyard, other items may be tucked under a ranger band or in some cases simply wrapped around the pendant portion. If your lanyard includes a paracord weave, be aware that many of the smaller items may be stored inside the center under the weave itself. This would require you to unravel to access.

Any safety/legal concerns?
We suggest using our included toggle closures or a quick release tie so as to avoid strangulation if lanyard is caught on something. As with any neck worn apparel, you assume responsibility for any injury. Handcuff keys are included for illegal detainments only.  Be sure to check state and local laws prior to possession or use.  Blades are sharp and use of some tools may result in injury or death.  The customer assumes all legal responsibility for the possession and use of all items.  Use caution when packing or unpacking the patch's contents as some items may be sharp.  Superesse Straps is not responsible for any injuries caused by the contents of the patch or their use.  Descriptions of Superesse Lanyards are generalized and may or may not apply to all items included.  Included tips, suggestions and reference materials should only be relied on as accurate based upon your own research from medical and survival professionals. 

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