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Dog Tag Lanyard: EDC MilSpec multitool tags for emergency, camping, and utility tasks.

Dog Tag Lanyard: EDC MilSpec multitool tags for emergency, camping, and utility tasks.

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(survival cord lanyard with EDC Emergency steel dog tag set)

Stainless steel dog tags provide an array of uses in both EDC tasks and survival scenarios. The unique tool retention system makes the tag items reusable and able to be replaced into their original position after use. Multiple tags can be held in a single dog tag silencer. The lanyard itself can be gutted to expose fishing line, snare wire, nylon cordage, and jute tinder.


1. Two Stainless Steel Ball-chains or fasteners.
2. Two Silicone Rubber ring silencers.
3. Four Ranger Bands: Secure gear, silence rucksack clips, add grip to pistol handle, burn as tinder(30 second strong flame per band).
4. 3' Titan Survival Cord (black):  contains useful inner strands of 25 lb. test mono-filament fishing line, waterproof/waxed twisted jute fiber strand, and 30 AWG metallic alloy conductive/non-magnetic snare wire, (and of course 7 nylon strands, 550lb+ strength)
5. Adjustable Knot System: This lanyard can be adjust to fit all sizes. Grab the area by the tied knots and slide back and forth to increase/decrease size. A great amount of force will cause the ties to unravel, (this helps prevent strangulation hazards). 


Wrench/Needle Set (includes 2 tags) 
Multi-wrench Tag:  Make adjustments to nuts/bolts of 6 varying sizes. Make field repairs on equipment  needing a tightening. Built-in hex screwdriver bit holder allows for strong torque to turn Philips/flat/etc screws.

Needle Tag: 7 Steel needles with eyelet for use in sewing, repairs, suturing, and other emergencies. Needles allows for bending to improvise as tools for other tasks. Extremely sharp, use caution when wearing/using to avoid injury.

Hook/Saw/Spork Set (includes 3 tags) 
Fish Hook Tag: 6 varying size curved fishing hooks.

Saw  and Signal Tag: Includes sawing edge with teeth for cutting/sawing. Back side of tag can be use as a makeshift mirror signal tool. A strip of glowing illumination tape has been applied to rear of tag for low light operations.

Spork Tag: Utensil for food, doubles as comb. Pair with small stick/s to use as tongs or cooking prep. 

Defense/Lock Set (includes 2 tags) 
Self Defense Tag: The edges near the tip can be snapped off exposing a sharp striking point. The tag can be gripped in the hand or held in the first through your finger. It serves as a last ditch effort safety weapon when held and used to strike assailant. Improvise as an arrow/spear point or pick tool.

Lockpick Tag: Minimalist locking sets with universal rake (dependent shear point placement of each pin; simple operation of insert, apply tension, and jiggle), half-diamond/key extractor (use to remove broke key fragment by inserting and turning at 90 degree angle then removing or use to adjust tumbler/wafer locks by inserting past pin while under tension and feeling for clock), and a tension tool for applying enough tension to aid in keeping the pins from falling down after being engaged (insert in key slit bear bottom).

View video demo of Lockpick Tag in action here.

Arrow/Gig Set (includes 2 tags) 
Arrow/Spear Tag: Small arrow can be used in an emergency as a small spear tip or hunting arrow for food procurement or self-defense. Lash to arrow shaft or spear rod using a cut notch into wood and lashing with included metal snare wiring, monofilament line, or nylon strands.

Gig & Fish Tag: Includes a multi-prong pointed gig for attachment to long rod/spear for use in catching quick moving smaller game such as a frog, squirrel, bird. Also includes a double side fishing hook.

All 9 Tags (includes the above 9 standard tags)
Does not include knife tag or custom tag.Adds 2 additional silencers and steel-ball chains.

KNIFE TAG (adds EDC folder knife)

Knife Tag: Light-duty folding blade. Meticulously designed to retain shape and size of typical dog tags. Sturdy retention keeps blade out during use, sharp cutting edge for fine work, finger grip for quick deployment.

CUSTOM ID/MEDICAL TAG (adds custom tag and bonus Superesse Tag)

Customized Dog Tag: Provide text for tag in notes at checkout.  Tags allow for 4 lines and 14 characters per line. Text will be raised lettering (embossed) on mil-spec dull finished steel tag. Includes 2 additional steel-ball chains, 2 silencers, and a custom Superesse Limited run dog tag.