Water Filter Morale Patch

Water Filter Patch: Velcro lined with 1 Micron Nominal Filter and Chemical H2O Tablet to Treat 2 Liters Water

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(field expediate water filter and treatment)

This patch filters water with a 1 micron hybrid filter built into the Velcro. Pour water in one side, filtered water comes out the opposite end. Inlcude a 2liter water purification tablet to treat up to 2 liters. Stick the patch on your pack or hat and have peace of mind that you'll have clean potable water when an emergency happens.

  • Filter is positioned inside the patch. It has to anlet and outlet allowing you to pour water into one side of the patch and filter it through the hybrid 1 micron nominal insert and out the other side. The filter is reversible so it does not matter which side you introduce to water. 
  • Patch is two sided Velcro. Hook on one side, Loop on the other. Can attach to anything Velcro will attach to, (hats, backpacks, pouches, truck headliner, etc)
  • Includes 1 Water Purification Tablet that neutralizes viruses, bacteria, and Giardia cysts in water sources. The active ingredient is a form of chlorine which will purify clear, non-turbid water in 30-40 minutes. While you can use them on their own in certain circumstances, they’re best used in conjunction with a pre-filter to remove larger particulates. Filters up to 2 liters of water. Shelf life of tab is 4 years. Indivually packaged in sterile packet.

Filter Specs: Non-woven, polymer fiber matrix filter, rated as a nominal 1 Micron filter. Serves as field expedient pre-filter prior to chemical or UV treatment. Particulates and micro-organisms larger than 1 Micron sieve pours are captured and filtered from water. Pores and membranes allow water permeation (flux) and broad-spectrum separation on nano-particulates. Material is a food grade polyester hybrid (quick-drying) to inhibit mold growth.


Tips: To filter water, pour 1oz at a time into the inlet of patch and allow water to dissipate thru material into collection container. Once you have filter atleast 750ml of water, add Water Purifcation Tablet and let sit for 30 minutes shaking/stirring container occasionally.

Care/Maintenance: Use 5% bleach solution and rinse thoroughly.  For field expedient cleaning, remove insert and place in boiling water (under 275°F) for 1 minute.

*Abilities to filter water and air particulates based on manufactures claims, independent studies/lab tests, and testing with TDS monitor, UV dissolution observation, PH, Coliform Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Chlorine, Total Hardness, and Nitrates/Nitrites test kits.