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Velcro Patches w/ Covert Storage Pocket: In-Plain-Sight Concealment of backup supplies and tools.

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(custom outfitted with covert storage pocket)

Each patch has a laser/hand cut opening into the Velcro backing. The opening allows you to slide small Survival/Tactical supplies inside the morale patch. Store our #superessepatchkit inside or outfit with your own supplies. (sew on patches do not have a storage pocket)

(designed w/ survival/tactical guides & outfitted w/ covert storage pocket)

Nine Line MEDEVAC: Quick reference to the 9 lines utilized to request a Medical Evacuation in the US Military. A MEDEVAC is the timely efficient movement and en route care by medical personnel of the wounded, injured, or ill patients from the battlefield and other locations to medical treatment facilities. Patch conforms to standards in FM 21-11 and ATP 4-02.2. PVC Oversized 3.1" x 2.1" with large entry storage slot. 

Note Patch: A plain white surface with glow in the dark note lines/dashes. Serves as a memo pad for jotting down notes, grid coordinates, call signs, codes, etc. Pair with a dry erase or charcoal marker to scribe onto surface of patch.. Memo lines/dashes are tinted green and illuminate in the dark for low lit visibility. PVC Oversized 3.1" x 2.1" with large entry storage slot. 

Marksmanship Fundamentals: A reminder of the key elements of preliminary marksmanship instruction; Steady position, Aiming Breath control, and Trigger squeeze. Great for range days or training facilities. Store a front sight adjuster tool (nail) or CLP in the rear of the patch. The four fundamentals are found in FM 3-22.9. PVC Oversized 3.1" x 2.1" with large entry storage slot. 

Comms "Morse" Code Patch: References to the two most trusted and used forms of covert communication. With a full alphanumeric Morse Code listing and full diagram of Tap Code 25/26 letter alphabet clearly displayed white against the flat black backing. Simply do some base research on how to send/received these codes and use in POW military operations, worst case scenario communication, or covert signaling scenarios. PVC Oversized 3.1" x 2.1" with large entry storage slot. 

Blackout & Guioche Flags: Improvised Ice Scraper and storSto pocPoc. Durable injection-molded rubber patches with raised artwork on a guioche pattern background to decrease reflection and detection. Low-profile. Polymer Velcro Hook backing additionally aids in the removal of built up ice, frost, and mudpacks on vehicle windshield. 

Camo "3D" USA Flags: Available in urban and woodland camo. Unique PVC raised/indented design formed into the stripes of the flag. Each shade of camouflage is a separated mold creating a never before made design. These patches are built at an oversized 3.1" x 2.1". We've lasercut the rear velcro to create a storage pocket. Stow away extra cash, medications, or survival supplies. Custom designed by Superesse and made possible through 03 Designs & Apparel.  

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