Curated Box of Unknown Survival and EDC Gear ($250 value)

Curated Box of Unknown Survival and EDC Gear ($250 value)

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This is a selection unknown Superesse Gear that values over $250. Every mystery box includes a paracord bracelet and assortment of other curated survival items.

1. Each box includes one custom Superesse Survival Bracelet in your preferred size and also includes 3-5 of the following options;

A. 3x Pack Covert Pocket Storage Morale Patch.

B. Survival Kit and Patch.

C. EDC Pocket Tin, Kydex Sheath, and Kit.

D. Bic DIY Survival Lighter Kit.

E. Superesse Multipurpose Handkerchief. 

F. Notebook with Patch, Fire, and Signal Markers.

G. Hand-built Carryall (Bag or Wallet).

H. Shim Card Packet Kit.

I. Assorted Micro-EDC and Survival Tools Collection

J. Survival Lanyard.

K. Library of Survival Guides and Resources.

 *tap the links above for an example and description of the options that may be included. 


  • All orders ship Black Friday Weekend. 
  • Offer ends November 20th, (on this date we will stop sales of the Curated Mystery Box).
  • Packaging may vary, (may not actually ship in a box, but who cares?)
  • Measure your wrist and order the correct size for your bracelet, reference FAQ for sizing tips.