Paracord Spinner - Firetinder Fidget Gear.

Paracord Spinner - Firetinder Fidget Gear.

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Milspec Paracord Fidget Spinner (tactical toy with built-in FireCord)

This spinner has an Olive Drab Green FireCord Inner and is surrounded by 550lb paracord outer weave for a balanced rotation. The cordage can be scavenged to provide useable ropes and strands to bind items, use as fishing line, suture, fire tinder, floss, etc. The FireCord contains a red wick which is designed to catch a flame, burn, and serve as fire tinder. Each spinner comes with a key chain lanyard(holster) so you can attach the spinner to a pack or belt. Made by hand in the USA by our partner at Opossum's Paracord.

11"  FireCord - 4.5' Paracord - Stainless steel Bones Redz ball bearing.

Uses: This device can be used; as a stress reliever, for sensory pleasure, to combat distraction disorders, to start a fire, as a rope to tie stuff down, etc. 

Note: Due to the lack of wings/blades, this fidget's rotation time is shorter than the common 3 blade counterbalance spinners. Provide a direct application of torque for best performance.