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Custom: Paracord Gear, Band Add-ons, and Patch Kits

How does it work?
Since everyone's situation is unique, our fully customizable kits allow you build a kit to address your particular needs.  Select a kit from below then scan over the custom form to get an idea of what is required.  Then, working from the top down, complete the form to create the ideal kit for you.

What to expect?
Since there are thousands of possible combinations, almost every order is a unique creation. We want to make it easy to design a kit but always want to be sure it can be reasonably built to fit/wear. Each item you add to the kit will increase it's price and bulk. Our forms have two ways to help get it right.

  • Capacity tracker: Keeps a running total of  the estimated capacity each item you are adding will add. This is a tracker for paracord kits to help you realize what will actually fit inside the bracelet's supply core. If you go over 100% then your kit may not fit properly and could appear bulky.
  • Pricing tracker: A live tally of total price is kept at the bottom of the form as you add/remove items. This helps you to know what the cost will be as you design your kit.

What's the checkout procedure and timeframe?
When you navigate to a kit below you'll be directed to a 3rd party custom order form. Payments are processed thru the PayPal checkout system. You can save a form for a 7 days and return at a later time to edit and purchase. Orders ship in 3 to 6 weeks. You will not be contacted unless we need clarification on the order. We will be sure to email you as soon as we ship. Custom orders do not accept any coupon codes or promotions.

There is one requirement!
If you customize and buy one of our kits below. Make sure you have created an account with us here on our website. Create an account now. This will allow us to send you shipping info, reward repeat customers, and communicate with you about your order.

    Design a wearable survival kit equipped with EDC tools, multi-function buckles, and essential supplies stored securely inside the bracelet's core.

    Design your on survival kit key chain with carabiner and key ring. Carry useful tools along with your key set.

    Customize a wearable neck lanyard with pocket shiv. The paracord kit is outfitted with supplies and is worn discreetly under your shirt. 

    Survival and Tactical supplies concealed inside a Velcro flag patch. Customize the supplies that insert inside the patch then slap it on your cap or bag.