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The Grayman Doctrine

This document will provide the skills and mindset to navigate in a non-permissive public environment that would potentially expose you to harm or divulgement of sensitive information. Explore how to avoid becoming a target of crime, enhance your ability to react to active threats, egress from close proximity disasters, collect and interpret observed data, and more.

Build a Covert Survival Kit

Our Subdued Morale Patches have a hidden storage pocket in the Velcro backing allowing you to stash a key, cash, razor, and more.


The display side lists helpful info like Morse Code or have a built-in flashlight.

Faraday Protected

This handkerchief fits in your pocket and does everything a gentleman's tissue would do... but it also is lined with a Faraday Shield to allow you to go black and undetected, protect yourself from harmful signals, and defend your devices from EMP attacks.

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