Canvas Bag

Bucketed Bag Canvas - Fire Starter & Tinder Draw String Bag, Tool Pockets, Signal & Patch Panel

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Pair with a Superesse Patch Kit and carry Bushcraft/Survival Supplies securely in a Morale Patch of your choice.

Made to order - Ships in 3-6 weeks

Bucketed Bag - Fire Starter Draw String Pouch with Otterwaxed Canvas Outer & Signal Panel Orange Ripstop Liner. Includes hook/pile loop panel for adding velcro patches.

Durable water resistant Canvas fabric outer and bright orange, water resistant, nylon ripstop inner liner. Use as foraging container for collected berries, herbs, edibles. Gather fire tinder and kindling and keep it out of the elements. From EDC gear storage, this bag serves an array of uses. Handcrafted, one of a kind, limited run gear by Superesse Straps, made in NC/USA.

  • Drawstring FireCord: The paracord is filled with a tinder wick which is highly flammable and when exposed to a spark will create a steady flame for firecrafting.
  • Velcro patch Panel: Accepts standard Morale Patches and our covert pocket survival kit patches.
  • Firestarter Ferro Rod Toggle: Cinches bag shut.  Can be strapped with blade to create sparks and make a fire.
  • Orange Signal Panel: The ripstop liner is bright and the bag can be inverted to use as a signalling panel for rescue/comms. The liner makes it easy to find items inside bag. Liner is 70 denier, 1.9oz/sq yd, Polyurethane Coated Ripstop Nylon Fabric with a durable water repellent (DWR), waterproof to 2 PSI.
  • Tool Pouches: The base of the outer bag has 4-6 pockets used to drop tools in for easy retrieval. 
  • Otter Wax: The water resistant canvas is also coated with cured Otter Wax. This gives it a great resistance to water and allows for a worn rugged appearance. 
  • Size: approx 9" deep with approx 5.5" base diameter. Approx 4 liter capacity.

*Does not include Morale Patch.

*This bag was developed with assistance from our friends at PNWBushcraft.