Urban Carry Strap - EDC Bracelet Titanium Pry Bar, Firestarter, Bottle Opener, Kevlar Saw, Cuff Key.

Urban Carry Strap - EDC Bracelet Titanium Pry Bar, Firestarter, Bottle Opener, Kevlar Saw, Cuff Key.

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This Everyday Carry Paracord Bracelet for the the Urban Handyman is equipped with practical tools and supplies for daily tasks, readiness in the city, and when on the move. The attached pry bar serves as multi-tool for prying, adjusting a screw, removing nails, improvised defensive tool, and more. Further supplies allow for repairing a torn tent, lashing items together, electrical repair, etc. Optional bottle opener is a handy tool for opening a cold brew. Optional Escape key allows for freeing oneself from illegal detention. Kevlar Utility Thread can be used as a snare to catch small game or as a friction saw. Glow light allows for illumination in low light areas. Optional fire starting kit provides supplies for striking a fire and sustaining in cold weather city life.

  • Quick Access Items: Pry Bar, Bottle Opener, Handcuff Key, Ranger Bands, Kevlar Saw, Luminous Glow Surface, Firestarter Rod, Tinder Wick.
  • Emergency Supplies, (requires breakdown of bracelet): 2 Duct Tape Straps, 4 Zipties.

Watch a video demo here.


0- *10’-15’ of Paracord Mil Spec 550lb, 125 feet to 225 feet total cordage including 7 inner nylon strands each w/ 2 braided strings. Replace shoestrings, make a bow saw, lash together logs to create a raft, make a bear bag, weave a fish net or use as fish line, floss teeth, support line for tent. Type III, 7 Strand Nylon.
1- *Standard Side Release Buckle w/ storage compartment.
2- *EDC Pry Bar:Titanium (non-magnetic, rust proof, lightweight) with curved fit to bracelet band. Serves as a prying tool and nail remover. Tear out industrial staples, open boxes, pry lid off paint can, etc.
3- *Four Ranger Bands: Fire Tender & Smoke Signal (30 Second burn time), heavy duty rubber band, bandage for fingers, gear strapping, bundle loose items, waterproof a survival tin or Zippo, use as shock absorber on cell phone, burn for a large signal flame, grp, etc. TIPS: Use band to secure smaller items to your bracelet.
4- *2 Duct Tape Tinder Strappings: (MIL-SPEC 100mph). Heavy duty adhesive Duct Tape with added flammable cloth strands allowing a slow tar like burn. Stick to your kindling and ignite or wrap around a limb to use as a torch. TIPS: Apply as a watertight bandage. Use in place of mole skin to ease blisters. 
5- 4 Zipties, Black.
6- *30" Kevlar Utility Thread (K.U.T.) Sawing Cord: (200lb tested - UV/Friction Resistant) Saw branches/zipties/ropes- Fashion a bow saw, catch wild game using as a snare wire, make a trip line, use as garrote. Adopted by US Army SERE specialists and NAVY Seals. TIPS: A. Use long back & forth sawing motions to reduce friction/damage to K.U.T. Concentrate sawing on a single point of item being cut. B. Wear gloves to protect your hand or create handles from a pen/stick.
7- *Luminous Glow Light Surface: charge in seconds from natural/artificial light source(flashlight, sun, phone screen) generates minutes of a low glow output for seeing a map or operation orders in dark environments.


8- *Bottle opener: CRKT brand, black (to be replaced with stainless silver) plated steel bottle opener. Attached to outer band ready to open a bottle of brew anywhere and anytime. Place corner of bottle top against paracord and place lip of opener under top, then pull back to open.
9- *Firestarter Toggle: Firesteel peg, scrape to create sparks and fire.
10- *Tinder Wick: Strand of tinder coated in combustible fuel, easily ignites, burns hot, long burn time. TIPS: Remove wick, fray wick into smaller strands to increase surface area, light.
11- *Polymer Handcuff: Non-metallic, universal fit. Escape illegal detainments in hostage, SERE, kidnapping scenarios.


Standard Paracord (multiple colors, no additional charge): Paracord, Type III, 550lb: 7 inner nylon strands each w/ 2 braided strings. Replace shoestrings, make a bow saw, lash together logs to create a raft, make a bear bag, use as fishing line, tie down gear, create snare traps, fashion a clothesline or tent frame, etc. Utilize the inner strands of paracord sheath as fishing line, sutures, sheltering lashes, strapping, etc.

+Fire Cord (black): 550lb 7 nylon strand paracord containing an inner combustible wick that easily ignites with a strong flame, long burn time, and is waterproof. Great for starting fires in wet conditions or when tinder isn’t accessible. Oil based tinder. Fray the red wick to create more surface area and light with a spark.

+Titan Survival Cord (black): contains useful inner strands of 25 lb. test mono-filament fishing line, waterproof/waxed twisted jute fiber strand, and 30 AWG metallic alloy conductive/non-magnetic snare wire, (and of course 7 nylon strands, 550lb+ strength)

NOTE: Items w/ asterisk (*) are ready for quick deployment. Not all items are included in the standard base model, for all available options select the full upgrade model. See Paracord Straps Collection page for bracelet tips and usage information.