Faraday Go Pouch - Mini EDC Bag shielded by Faraday Cage Ripstop Fabric

Faraday Go Pouch - Mini EDC Bag shielded by Faraday Cage Ripstop Fabric

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Faraday Go Pouch (prototype)

(Handcrafted ripstop pouch w/ velcro closure and Faraday protected liner.)

This is a prototype and it's Faraday protecive properties have not undergone our extensive testing. The pouch is sold as is. It serves as a small electronics accessory bag. It's equipped with a hook and loop closure. Once items are inserted the closure should be fastened and folded over and held in place with included straps. 

  • EMP Defense, RFID Shield, Harmful Radiation Protection. Soft fabric layer with stitched EMF Nickle/Copper cloth backing.
  • Security Defense: Anti-Theft protection against Data, Identify, Financial information common in high density areas. Blocks card/chip readers to counter skimming or the surreptitious scanning from nearby hacker. (blocks RFID/NFC).
  • EMP Shield: Protect your cell phone/electronics by quickly wrapping inside hank. Degrades electromagnetic pulses with anti-static copper/nickel (layering based on Faraday Cage principles).
  • Signal Isolation: Quickly cuts on incoming and outgoing signals. Use in classified facilities, conference rooms, or to prevent trackings, (go black/Offgrid).
  • Radiation Defense: Shields against harmful radiation cause by cell phones, electronics, microwaves, etc. (deflects EMR, ELF, Radio Frequencies, Wi-fi, data etc.)

SPECS: Nickel and Copper Ripstop fabric sewn against soft cotton fabric. est. 6" x 4" pocket style pouch.

Handcrafted, one of a kind, limited run gear by Superesse Straps, made in NC/USA.