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Medic Strap: First-Aid Survival Kit for emergency field casualty care.

Medic Strap: First-Aid Survival Kit for emergency field casualty care.

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Images shown may not fully represent this Strap, as it's contents have recently been updated to include a V Cutter tool and various internal components.
Items w/ asterisk (*) are ready for quick deployment.

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This paracord bracelet is a wearable first-aid kit equipped with tools and supplies for enduring a field emergency. The loadout will allow you to start a fire to ward off hypothermia, signal for help, prep/treat/disinfect wounds, fashion a tourniquet, and much more. The external cutting tool can quickly be deployed to egress from a overturned vehicle access injuries to a victim by cutting off clothing. This is a last-ditch medical kit providing limited supplies that are difficult to procure otherwise.

The items listed below will show TIPS that explain how you can apply them to medical scenarios.

-The #MedicStrap Standard Base Model includes items (0-13) -

0- *10-15' Paracord, Type III, 550lb: 7 inner nylon strands each w/ 2 braided strings. Replace shoestrings, make a bow saw, lash together logs to create a raft, make a bear bag, use as fishing line, tie down gear, create snare traps, fashion a clothesline or tent frame, etc. Bright Orange Blaze color allows bracelet to be easily seen and utilized.
TIPS: Fashion a tourniquet to slow loss of blood(Warning, this is a worst case scenario tip). Wrap a few loops around and place a stick to use as a tightening rod. Create stretcher by running paracord between two limbs, or make a branch drag to move an injured person. Tie straight sticks around a broken limb to make a splint. Tie a sling to secure a broken arm. Sew up a wound using the internal strands as sutures.

1- Nylon Strands: Each bracelet includes 125-250 feet of cordage. 35lb rating per strand. Utilize the inner strands of paracord sheath as fishing line, sutures, sheltering lashes, strapping, etc.

2- *Fire Steel Ferro Rod: Start a fire when paired with striker.
TIPS: To start a fire hold rod hand or press tip against hard surface while lighting into tinder nest. Scrape slowly to shave off Ferro shards for use as combustible tinder. Strike quickly to ignite tinder. Reflect sparks into nest of fine tinder, provide oxygen flow by blowing into the base of flame.
TIPS: Ward off hypothermia by building a fire. Alert search and rescue teams of your location with short whistle blasts. Cauterize an open wound to prevent infection and blood loss.

3- *Ceramic Striker and Blade: Zerconia, abrasion/corrosion resistant, 8 times durability compared to standard blade, razor sharp, non-metallic, concealed blade. TIPS: Strike against fire steel to create fire sparks, cut open packages, use as prying tool, fillet fish, etc.

4- *Emergency Whistle: Pealess, high-decibel alert, with improvised storage space.
TIPS: Signal for help: One whistle blast, "where are you", two blasts, "come here", three blasts, "help me". Signal the SOS distress call with 3 short, 3 long, & 3 short blasts.

5- Two Safety Pins: (heavy duty safety pin).
TIPS: Provide sustenance by fashioning a fishing hook and pairing with paracord strands to catch food. Remove a splinter.

6- F.A.T. First Aid Tinder Packet: quick light cotton fire tinder soaked in anti-bacterial treatment.
TIPS: Quickly get a fire started using as tinder. Apply anti-bacterial ointment to injury to prevent infection and aid in recovery.

7- MSR Aquatab Water Purification Tablet (2liter treatment): Add 1 tab to 2l clear water, mix 10 minutes, let stand for 30 min, hydrate.
TIPS: Stave off dehydration.

8- Duct Tape Tinder Strapping: Serves as high visibility signal panels, bright orange. Heavy duty adhesive Duct Tape with added flammable cloth strands allowing a slow tar like burn. Stick to your kindling and ignite or wrap around a limb to use as a torch. TIPS: Apply as a watertight bandage. Use in place of mole skin to ease blisters.

9- Sealed Bandage: with adhesive backing and sterile dressing.

10- *Two Ranger Bands: Fire Tender & Smoke Signal (30 Second burn time), heavy duty rubber band, bandage for fingers. TIPS: Use band to secure smaller medical items to your bracelet.

11- *LiveFire's FireCord Core Tinder Wick: a strand of tinder coated in combustible fuel, easily ignites, burns hot, long burn time. TIPS: Remove wick, fray wick into smaller strands to increase surface area, light.

12- Signal Mirror: Reflective surface to communicate distress and rescue signals.

13- S.A.R.K: Survival Aid Repair Kit- Suture Head Straight Sewing Needle, Monofilament Line(lashing or suture cordage), Glow Lite Strip(bright glow after short charge), 2"x2" Tinder Duct Tape Patch(Safety Orange, Fire Tinder Material) TIPS: Suture a wound shut. TIPS: Duct Tape Tinder Patch is a heavy duty adhesive Duct Tape with added flammable cloth strands allowing a slow tar like burn. TIPS: Use to patch a poncho or tent, improvise as a bandage, use as signaling panel. TIPS: Luminous Glow Light Surface charges in seconds from natural/artificial light source(flashlight, sun, phone screen) generates minutes of a low glow to complete tasks in dark environments.

-The fully upgraded #MedicStrap includes all items (0-21)-

14- Alcohol Prep Pad Kit: 70% Isopropyl Alc. Antiseptic-Sterile. TIPS: Prep a wound for care, sanitize hands, use as fuel.
15- Additional Duct Tape Tinder Strapping:
16- *Extra Two Ranger Bands: Fire Tender & Smoke Signal (30 Second burn time), heavy duty rubber band, bandage for fingers. TIPS: Use band to secure smaller medical items to your bracelet.
17- Jute Rope: use as a tie down, fray for use as combustible fire tinder, easily ignites and burns hot.
18- Steri Strips: 5 wound closures in sterile package. Hypoallergenic, reinforced with polyester filaments with porous non-woven backing for heavy duty skin closure of lacerations and incisions.
19- Trauma Shear and Seat-belt Cutter:  lightweight, cutting device that slices though webbing, seat-belts, 550 paracord, zip-tie restraints, ropes, or shred thru clothing to attend to wounds quickly. This cutting tool is easily deployable and equipped to the outer band securely thru a lanyard hole.
20- 2 Aspirin (NSAID) Tablets (325mg): In Original 2 pack- reduces fever, relieves headache, toothache, common cold, muscular aches, arthritis, back pain, and cramps. TIPS: Reduce severity of a heart attack when taken immediately, (reduce blood clotting; acts as an ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitor, relaxes arteries enabling blood to flow, performs as a beta blocker to slow down heartbeat).
21- Watertight Supply Core: a heatshrink tubing that is waterproof and serves as a protective shell to allow internal items to endure the elements. 

-Substitute standard paracord for FireCord, select in color options-

Cordage Upgrade- Fire Cord: Replace standard Paracord with 550lb cord containing an inner combustible wick that easily ignites with a strong flame, long burn time, and is in a waterproof sheath. Great for starting fires in wet conditions or when tinder isn’t accessible. Includes 10+ feet of oil based tinder.