Quick Pack -  Small Overshoulder Backpack

Quick Pack - Small Overshoulder Backpack

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Reject Note: This is a discounted product with visual flaws and minor construction errors.

Superesse Canvas Backpack.

(Handcrafted w/ safety orange nylon ripstop liner, zippered compartments, and oversized outer pockets)


Heavy duty standup canvas body reinforced with Ripstop bright orange liner to quickly locate dumped supplies or use as signal panel. Heavy duty zipper. Large spread main opening with internal zipper pocket. 2 side sleeves. 1 front zipper pocket. Velcro panels on front and back.

  • Firecord Tinder Zipper Pulls
  • Safety Orange Signal Panel Liner


Handcrafted, one of a kind, limited run gear by Superesse Straps, made in NC/USA.