frequently asked questions
How do I make sure I'm receiving all the paid content? I'm not getting the GBC emails and/or the unredacted briefs on Telegram/Signal.
Sometimes if you joined our Telegram/Signal groups prior to upgrading to the GBC, you'll get confused which group is the paid version versus which is the free version. The paid group name will be titled "Grayman Briefing (Classified)". Turn off notifications and stop checking the groups titled "Grayman Briefing". Also the logo for the paid channels is a "tan folder" while the logo for the free channels is our primary logo of the "person holding a folder".
If you're not getting all the Grayman Newsletter, subscribe by submitting your email at the bottom of this page.
How do I access the Grayman Briefing Classified (GBC) after I complete my order?
You will instantly be sent an email that contains a link to a download page. You then download the PDF, read the instructions, and click the access link for either Signal or Telegram.
⚠️I've ordered the subscription but can't find that email and am having trouble actually joining the GBC on Signal or Telegram, what do I do?
1. Open the email we sent you with subject line, "Your downloads are ready".
2. Don't see that email? Check your spam folder.
3. Still can't find it? Make sure you entered the correct email address at checkout (a typo in your email could be preventing us from emailing you the access info). Login to your account here and see if you used the correct email. (If you can't get logged in, send us an email with your order number or name used for purchase)
4. Once you find and open the email titled, "Your downloads are ready", click the URL labeled "Download Link". It's opens a website where you then download a PDF with access instructions.
5. The PDF has all the details  you'll need and it has a direct access link to both the paid Signal and Telegram channels. Click the link and you're in.
⚠️I've downloaded the PDF but when I open it the text is garbled and looks like random letters/numbers, what do I do?
This is an error that occurs on some phones that don't have standard fonts installed. The best fix is to open the PDF on another device then email just the access link to your self by doing a copy/paste from the device that can open it to the device you want to use.
⚠️Why did I get charged $29.99 two months in a row? Can I get a refund?
Our order page requires you to make two selections. The "type of subscription" and the "delivery schedule". When you placed your order for the Annual Subscription, you failed to select, "Deliver every 12 months". No problem, just send us an email and we'll get you refunded. We routinely do admin checks and refunds as we find this error.

The download link in my access email doesn't work or it says "file doesn't exist". What do I do?

If you found the email title "Your downloads are ready" and you clicked the access link and it didn't work, then you need to use a different device or open it in another browser. If the link works but brings you to a page that says "File doesn't exist", then you need to contact us via email.

How often will I be charged?
We offer a monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription.

Where are the briefs delivered, where do I view them?
We send briefs through two 3rd party apps that work primarily on your phone but also can be accessed via any web browser (PC/Mac). The apps are Signal and Telegram, they are both free and available on all smartphones.
How do I cancel my subscription?
1. First you must leave the paid Signal and/or Telegram Groups. On Signal, tap our logo/name at the top, scroll down and click "leave group." On Telegram tap the menu button in our group and click "leave group."
2. Next go to your account on our website and tap "Manage Subscriptions" under RECURRING SUBSCRIPTIONS. Tap the order typically labeled "Grayman Briefing Classified Subscription - Intel and Situational Awareness Updates". Now when the page loads again tap the subscription that is also labeled "Grayman Briefing Classified Subscription - Intel and Situational Awareness Updates." Scroll down and click "Cancel Subscription.
How do I download/open Telegram?
Here are the links to download on a smartphone, Android & iPhone. To view the GBC on a web browser go to but please note, you must first gain access via the app before you’ll be able to view it via a web browser. Telegram is also available on a desktop (web) at
How do I download/open Signal?
Here are the links to download on a smartphone, Android & iPhone. To view the GBC on a desktop (web) visit but please note, you must first gain access via the app before you’ll be able to view it via desktop (web).
Where can I get more information about how GBC works, what all the acronyms stand for, and what features the GBC provides?
Download out "Information Packet" PDF here.
How do I contact Grayman Brief?
Send us an email to graymanbrief [at] 

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Our Instagram page will be the Primary means of comms. As an Alternate messaging medium, email briefs will be sent bi-weekly unless priority intel needs to be pushed out sooner. Timely summarized briefs will be delivered daily on Twitter. Our Telegram Channel serves as an ongoing Contingency briefing sent daily. We'll maintain a presence on LinkedIn and the Signal app as an Emergency outlet. We also offer priority access to paid subscribers via Classified channels on Telegram and Signal.



Subscribe to our classified briefing. Delivered via the Telegram & Signal Apps. This is a paid monthly subscription. Join here. Get intel and situational awareness reports pushed to your phone app or browser as real-time events occur. 

  • Domestic/Cyber/Terrorist; Attacks and Indicators
  • Threat Detection Analysis
  • 2nd Amendment Legal Updates
  • Urban Survival Tactics
  • Breaking News that affects Preparedness
  • Global Military Actions
  • Government Overreach Warnings


Grayman Brief's intent is to share actionable information to increase your situational awareness, develop urban survival skills, and prepare for emerging threats. We are a partner of Superesse. This means you may occasionally receive their product announcements and content. Superesse is a Veteran owned USA company that produces informational guides and outdoor EDC supplies.

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