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The Grayman Doctrine

This document will provide the skills and mindset to navigate in a non-permissive public environment that would potentially expose you to harm or divulgement of sensitive information. Explore how to avoid becoming a target of crime, enhance your ability to react to active threats, egress from close proximity disasters, collect and interpret observed data, and more.

Build a Covert Survival Kit

Our Subdued Morale Patches have a hidden storage pocket in the Velcro backing allowing you to stash a key, cash, razor, and more.


The display side lists helpful info like Morse Code or have a built-in flashlight.

Faraday Protected

This handkerchief fits in your pocket and does everything a gentleman's tissue would do... but it also is lined with a Faraday Shield to allow you to go black and undetected, protect yourself from harmful signals, and defend your devices from EMP attacks.


Our Instagram page will be the Primary means of comms. As an Alternate messaging medium, email briefs will be sent bi-weekly unless priority intel needs to be pushed out sooner. Our Telegram Channel serves as an ongoing Contingency briefing sent daily. We'll maintain a presence on LinkedIn and the Signal app as an Emergency outlet.


Hobo Symbols and Urban Markings
  • Hobo Symbols are helpful to find medical aid, avoid dangerous areas, or find a safe place to shelter down for the night.
  • Ground to Air Signals can be used to summon rescue and assistance from passing aircraft but could also be improvised in other messaging situations.
  • Urban Search and Rescue Markings can be interpreted to determine if the building is safe to enter (for shelter or scavenging of supplies).
  • The Morale Patch holds hidden survival supplies inside the Velcro backing.

Grayman Brief's intent is to share actionable information to increase your situational awareness, develop urban survival skills, and prepare for emerging threats. We are a partner of Superesse. This means you may occasionally receive their product announcements and reviews. Superesse is a Veteran owned USA company that produces informational guides and outdoor EDC supplies.

Grayman Brief is a Superesse Straps LLC Partner