Grayman Briefing Classified Subscription - Intel and Situational Awareness Updates

Grayman Briefing Classified Subscription - Intel and Situational Awareness Updates

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Grayman Briefing
Classified Access to Private Channel 
  • This is a paid digital news subscription plan that is viewed on the Telegram app.
  • An access link is delivered to you¬†when you subscribe.
  • Subscription with Recurring Monthly Fee.

Grayman Brief's intent is to share actionable information to increase your situational awareness and prepare for emerging threats. As a secondary feature of the Briefing, knowledge based training and tactics are shared to increase you knowledgeand abilities. The Briefings are delivered via Telegram which is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging software and application service. You can download the app or access it via web browser. Briefings are timely and disseminated when a breaking news story occurs, when an event is impending, or as analysis is completed. 

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

  1. You are paying for access to a private Telegram Channel.
  2. The Grayman Brief writers will publish content daily, weekly or in real-time as events occur or are anticipated. 
  3. In addition to analysis of emerging events; briefings will also included tactics, advice, and education on topics ranging from urban survival to counter-surveillance. 
  4. You'll also have access to our discussion room allowing peer intel sharing and conversation.

What happens when I subscribe? You are sent an email with a link to a PDF file that contains an access link to our private Telegram Channel. Click it and open it in the app (first create a Telegram Account free and anonymously). Adjust your notification settings. Begin receiving briefings. You may be sent a new access code in the future as we revoke links to limit unauthorized access.

Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, cancel anytime if you no longer want access to the briefings.

Anonymity. We value your privacy. Feel free to enter a fake shipping address. Our storefront operator requires an address but since this is a digital service, we definitely don't need your address. Type in something fake. Just make sure you give us an email address you can access. Additionally, there is not method to cross reference your access link to your Telegram account. Meaning, we will not know who you are on Telegram. You can maintain a separate identity on Telegram that can't be linked to your digital subscription, payment, or PII.