The Grayman Cooperative: collection of like minded brands whose goal is to educate and mentally prepare individuals to enable them to increase situational awareness, encourage a survival mindset, and defend from threats. Each brand has donated a tangible product or a knowledge driven consultation.


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Grand Prize (1 winner)
@hiddensuccesstactical - Grayman and Situational Sense by M. Dermody

@tracertactical - Covert Tongue (shoe) Insert.
@safeguardcombatives - Combative Class
@oldgraymanclub - Custom Grayman Shirt
@tacticaltrainer - 2x Private Classes
@immediatecasualtycare - IWB IFAK
@arcadia_cognerati - Webinar Q&A
@spycraft101 - T-shirt, Challenge coin, Morale Patch, Spy Swag
@gutterfightingsecrets - GFS Combatives DVD and 5 GFS morale patches
@gray.man.project - Weekend Land-Nav Getaway (cabin and gear provided)

@optiongray - Firestarter EDC and Gray Swag

@truenorthtradecraft - CampX Lockpick Set, Pandemic and Urban Disaster Preparedness Plans.


Consolation Prize (3 winners)
@graymancarry - Grayman Doctrine
@superessestraps - SERE Kit & Storage Pocket Patch
@bugoutvehicle - Vehicle Emergency Kit Guide



This is a giveway hosted by @graymancarry on Instagram. Visit the entry post there for direct follow links to all the sponsors. (yea I get it, it's tough to keep swiping back and forth trying to follow all the pages.)

The Grayman Doctrine

This document will provide the skills and mindset to navigate in a non-permissive public environment that would potentially expose you to harm or divulgement of sensitive information. Explore how to avoid becoming a target of crime, enhance your ability to react to active threats, egress from close proximity disasters, collect and interpret observed data, and more.

The Grayman Cooperative is hosted by Grayman Carry a Superesse Straps LLC partner.