The Grayman Doctrine - Skillset, Teachings, and Principles of being Gray [PDF]

The Grayman Doctrine - Skillset, Teachings, and Principles of being Gray [PDF]

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Uncovering the secrets of operating gray in a non-permissive environment.

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Being gray simply means blending in with your environment by imitating the behavior and appearance of the majority of those around you. It’s easy to see how this technique could aid an undercover agent or special operator working a case or mission but we want to stress how practicing the principles of a Grayman can aid the everyday civilian avoid conflict and emerging threats.  The Doctrine will layout standard operating procedures to create a new baseline of awareness and a prepared mindset.

The document will walk you through how to avoid becoming a target of crime, enhance your ability to react to active threats, egress from close proximity disasters, collect and interpret observed data, and more.

AKA: Nomad, Urban Survivalist, Grayman, Prepared Civilian.

Purpose: To provide the skills and mindset to navigate in a non-permissive public environment that would potentially expose you to harm or divulgement of sensitive information.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

  1. Threats exist in the form of an armed robbery, mugging, active shooter incident, civil unrest, foreign agent intel collection, carjacking, bar fight, fraud, non-government actors, terrorism, etc.
  2. Blending in with your environment allows you to avoid being a target while affording you the ability to observe the behavior of others and collect intel.
  3. Analysis of the information you observe permits you to be proactive to a future event. This creates the ability for you to egress or intervene before being noticed.
  4. The document provides the core tenants of being gray by teaching actionable tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Markings Patch:

The Grayman Doctrine will help you blend in but this patch can be used as a reference guide to find resources that otherwise may be covert to the human eye. Find out more here.

The Grayman Briefing:

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