RY Outfitters & Superesse
We're giving out a $250 gift card good for anything in our shop.
As a bonus for entering to win, we also wanted to offer you a free download of our Bugout Bag Guide (use code BOBFREE) and a two month free trial of our news/intel service by the Grayman Briefing (use code GBC2X2F).

Above is a look at our Bic Survival Kitted Lighters and our EDC Hank (its a handkerchiefs that doubles as a camp pouch.


Superesse has a line of custom Survival Tins outfitted with 15+ kits. 

  1. Choose your Altoids Flavor (Superesse Branded Label).
  2. Select your kit from choices like: firestarting, firstaid, tools, and navigation.
  3. Each kit comes packed in a smaller slider top tin. 6 of these tins fit in one Altoids Tin.

This paracord strap 20+ survival supplies built-in.

  • It's outfitted with gear needed to survive an overnight camping trip gone wrong. Maybe you forgot to bring a can opener to get in that can of beans or matches to get a bonfire going? This bracelet comes with a fire starter allowing you stay warm or cook by. It has a fishing kit for providing food. Foil to grill on or purify water in. A p38 to open a can, use as a screwdriver, or as a cutting tool. The buckle also serves as a pealess whistle if you're lost or trying to communicate a distress. Additionally, the striker blade can fillet a fish or serve as a signal mirror. Improvise the pin to suture or as splinter remover. Bands can be used to sustain an extended fire or use for gear strapping.

we make edc or everyday carry gear. it's designed to be easily carried or worn as part of your daily routine. our subdued tools aid in fire making, signaling for rescue, purifying water, cutting a seatbelt following a crash, or escaping from capture. we also specialized in reference materials such a morale patch that displays morse code or the poison control phone number. we publish downloadable guides on prepping and crisis planning. we also work with the grayman briefing to send out daily news and intel for those that want to stay a head of the curve.