Survival Kit Lighter - Fire Starter outfitted with supplies.

Survival Kit Lighter - Fire Starter outfitted with supplies.

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Lighter + Kit
(DIY Themed Kits that attach to a standard size Lighter.)

We've put together a set of supplies designed to fit against the frame of a lighter. Some of the supplies adhere (tapes, mirrors, glow surfaces) and other tools are attached by wrapping a ranger band around them against the lighter (cuff key, blade, kevlar saw).

Included with all kits:

  • 1x Standard Bic brand Lighter.
  • 2x Medium Heavy Duty Ranger Bands.
  • 1x Altoids Storage Tin Can.
  • Loose tools and supplies for DIY setup, (some tapes and clips are preattached for your convenience).

Survival Kit: includes the following, 

  • 2.5" signal reflective mirror. Peel and stick to Bic frame or secure against frame with ranger bands. Remove and wrap around upper section to use as a lantern to reflect light.
  • Glow Light strip. Charged by light, illumintaes for hours. Glow in the dark tape.
  • 1ft Vinyl Electrical Tape.
  • Ceramic Razor Blade. Zirconia nondulling edge. Cut rope, boxes, cloth, and use in other small tasks.
  • Needle, inbetween.
  • Ziptie. Wrap under button to prevent accident activation and loss of fuel while lighter is in bag.
  • 9" 7 Stand Paracord Length. Place loose ends on backside of frame, hold in place with vinyl tape. Create lanyard loop.
  • Water Purification Tablet. 2 liters when purifying filtered, non-stagnant water.

Urban Kit: includes the following, 

  • 1ft Tinder "Heavyduty" Duct Tape. Can be set a flame as tinder.
  • Handcuff Key with Clip. Universal.
  • Shim Saw. Superesse brand skimming escape took and micro saw.
  • Kevlar Utility Cord. Kevlar heavy duty rope and friction saw.
  • Thumb Tac Compass.
  • 2x Extra Ranger Bands. 
  • Micro Steel Carabiner Clip.

Fire Kit: coming soon,

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