Resources for Overlanding and Bugout Vehicles.
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Survival Equipment - Bugout Supplies - Vehicle Emergency Loadout

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Vehicle Emergency Checklist
  • Convert any vehicle into a bugout vehicle.
  • Follow included checklist to loadout a vehicle with supplies to aid in everyday vehicle concerns such as breakdowns, crashes, or getting stuck in mud.
  • Use the advanced checklist to address SHTF emergencies.
  • Be prepared for vehicle-borne emergencies following prepping tips for vehicle maintenance, safety, and action plans.
  • Learn how to bug out in a vehicle by converting a truck or car into a BOV or Bug Out Vehicle.
  • Conduct an 8-Part survey to evaluate Vehicle readiness.
  • Reference the VEK packing template for assistance on where to positions supplies in the vehicle for quick access.
Bugout Bracelet

This 30 items survival bracelet can start a fire, boil water, navigate, signal, open a can, cut, fish, and more.


Wear it daily and have a last ditch survival kit at the ready.

Watch the tour of the Jeep Gladiator Bugout Vehicle.

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