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Bugout Vehicle Reference
  • Assess the need to bugout or shelter-in-place.
  • Make a coordinated plan that includes incorporation of other members of your team, designation of bugout locations & rally points, and multiple safe routes.
  • Take precautions and conduct preventive steps to ensure your vehicle is always ready.
  • Understand the importance of vehicular defense/security and evasive driving. Blend in and maintain a low-profile appearance.
  • Practice divergent tactics and improvise to provide an advantage in the event of an LAE.
  • Select a BOV that is appropriate for your needs using our Categorical Setup analysis. Loadout the BOV with the necessary equipment and supplies following the Vehicle Emergency Checklist.
Vehicle Emergency Checklist
  • Convert any vehicle into a bugout vehicle.
  • Follow included checklist to loadout a vehicle with supplies to aid in everyday vehicle concerns such as breakdowns, crashes, or getting stuck in mud.
  • Use the advanced checklist to address SHTF emergencies.
  • Be prepared for vehicle-borne emergencies following prepping tips for vehicle maintenance, safety, and action plans.
  • Learn how to bug out in a vehicle by converting a truck or car into a BOV or Bug Out Vehicle.
  • Conduct an 8-Part survey to evaluate Vehicle readiness.
  • Reference the VEK packing template for assistance on where to positions supplies in the vehicle for quick access.
Hip Pocket Brief

Get the pocket size training booklet covering 40 lessons with tactics, techniques, and procedures on the following topic,


  • Evasive driving
  • Situational awareness
  • Home defense
  • Indicators of threats
  • Urban survival
    Escape and evasion
    Prepping for disaster
Bugout Bracelet

This 30 items survival bracelet can start a fire, boil water, navigate, signal, open a can, cut, fish, and more.


Wear it daily and have a last ditch survival kit at the ready.

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