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We provide tactical tools and supplies designed to be carried or worn daily for emergencies and worst case scenarios. Gear is only as good as your capability to know when and how to implement them. We combine EDC with knowledge by training and informing through downloadable guides and the Grayman Briefing which delivers real-time news, intel, & situational awareness.

Woobie Hank

Military issue ponch-liner insulated groundcloth and task mat.



EDC Hanks

Handkerchiefs built from materials that filter water, defend from EMPs, and are burn proof. 

Hanks outfitted with the capability to store EDC gear in a storage pouch, attach a morale patch, or conceal SERE supplies within a covert pocket. 

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Paracord Bracelets

Everyday Wear paracord bracelets equipped with quick deploy EDC & Tactical tools and outfitted with an internal supply core filled with emergency survival supplies.

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Morale Patch Kits

Covertly carry your gear by adding emergency supplies inside a concealed storage pocket of our velcro morale patches. Subscribe to out Patch Kit of the Month Plan!

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EDC Survival Gear

Pocket ready survival and daily use tools and supplies ranging from Compartmentalized Storage Tins, Vacuum Sealed Kit Packets, Kevlar Saws, and DIY Bic Light Multi-Tools.

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Intel Drops, Conflict News, Situational Awareness, Constitutional Legal Updates, and Preparedness Alerts.
A real-time news services for the Everyday Civilian.

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Monthly Patch Kit, $29


Monthly Handkerchiefs, $39


Practical Prepping Blog

Securing & Concealing Defensive/Survival Implements on-body, in vehicle, etc.

Securing & Concealing Defensive/Survival Implements on-body, in vehicle, etc.

Securing and concealing your valuables, defensive tools, and preparedness gear will aid in ensuring they are there when you need them while not making you a target or victim of theft. This practice allows you to be ready for daily tasks, crisis situations, and life altering events. Here are some tips for storage on your person, in your vehicle, a...
Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) and the US.

Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) and the US.

Globally and locally, Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) is changing the modern warzone by broadening the prevalence of ongoing threats below the threshold of traditional armed conflict. This theater of operations is known as the gray zone. The U.S. is currently at war in this zone. Hybr...
Radio as a Contingency Communication for LAE / SHTF

Radio as a Contingency Communication for LAE / SHTF

Familiarize yourself with radio contingency communications IOT prepare for a life altering event (LAE). We'll review Ham, GMRS, MURS, FRS, NOAA, and tw...


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What others are saying.

Superesse Straps has created the most unique, lightweight and compact survival kit I own. With the Velcro Patch Kit, I’m able to carry essentials with me wherever I go by simply sticking the patch to my rucksack. I’m amazed at how many tools can fit into the patch. Whether you’re a prepper, survivalist, or all-around outdoorsman, you can’t go wrong with adding one of these kits to your every day carry.

Melissa Miller, Survivalist from Discovery Channel’s Naked & Afraid

These “hanks” offer various added features that can be helpful for everyday carry purposes, or even in survival scenarios. Of course, they can always be used for the traditional purposes: wiping spills, drying sweat on your brow, or covering your face while you sneeze. However, you may be surprised by the additional capabilities. | See Original

Offgrid Magazine

The (Grayman Briefing) subscription is definitely worth the
price. I get reports from GB before they’re reported by MSM (mainstream media).
Unlike MSM, GB is unbiased and gives you the intel without all the BS. GB will
also post survival, security, & preparedness tips you can use in everyday life. See original.

GBC Subscriber

You guys need to check out this awesome company called Superesse Straps. This great American company is the true definition of a mom and pop shop; better still, they are also US Veteran owned and operated. | See Original

Breach Bang Clear

The extent of the utility you’ll get out of most hook backed patches is the ability to make someone laugh or serve as a marker or identification. The Superesse Straps Note Patch Kit can do both of those things and then some! | See original.

Jerking the Trigger

It seems like a kit you wear should be called an "EDW." But whatever you call it, The EDC Prepper... looks like a solid arsenal to have at your disposal, "just in case."

As you can see from the Rambo-meets-MacGuyver ensemble... it packs pretty much everything you need to fish, light a fire, find your way and get out of (or potentially into) any trouble along the way. | See original

Maxim Magazine

The Superesse Faraday Hank is far more than just a way to cover your nose when you sneeze. Because hackers can use portable RFID scanners to surreptiously steal information can wrap your wallet with the Faraday Hank; it will thrawt the hacker's scan. It could even shield your phone from a dreaded electromagnetic pulse (EMP). | See Original

American Survival Guide

I was hit by a car that ran a stop sign. I was going highway speed, so when they hit me it caused me to spin and flip and come to rest on the side of the road, upside-down. I immediately used your strap and its seat belt cutter to cut myself out... My strap now has some blood on it, and a good story to go along. Keep up the good work brother.”

Anonymous Customer

The Scout Survival Kit Strap has everything a minimalist could need on a three-day hike... every day carry survival gear on the go. | See Original

Real World Survivor