Bugout Vehicle Reference - Vehicular Prepping and Operation [PDF]

Bugout Vehicle Reference - Vehicular Prepping and Operation [PDF]

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Bugout Vehicle Reference 

A resource for prepping, defending, and operating your vehicle in the event of an emergency or life altering scenario.
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Bugging out or evacuating is typically done by way of vehicle. If a wildfire is approaching your home or violent rioting has encroached into your neighborhood; the ideal means of escape is the car or truck in your driveway. This reference guide prepares you for survival in the harshest of vehicle-borne incidents (crash, breakdown) and outlines tips for reacting to Life Altering Event (LAE) or SHTF scenario. Thie BOV-REF discusses the basics by equipping you with the knowledge to avoid a crash, what to do when encountering roadblock ambushes, and how to plan bugout routes. Includes a Bugout Vehicle (BOV) Setup Plan for vehicle selection, packing, equipping, and egressing. Just make sure you already have a Bugout Bag and Get Home Bag packed.

Purpose: Supplies you advanced guidance to overcome vehicle emergencies, breakdowns, flat tires, a rollover egress, and roadside survival while focusing on life altering event responses. This reference guide provides the knowledge to survive and egress from major incidents like a land invasion by a foreign force or widespread rioting. 


  • Assess the need to bugout or shelter-in-place. Make a coordinated plan that includes incorporation of other members of your team, designation of bugout locations & rally points, and multiple safe routes.
  • Take precautions and conduct preventive steps to ensure your vehicle is always ready. Understand the importance of vehicular defense/security and evasive driving. Blend in and maintain a low-profile appearance.
  • Practicing divergent tactics and improvising will provide an advantage in the event of an LAE.
  • Select a BOV that is appropriate for your needs using our Categorical Setup analysis. Loadout the BOV with the necessary equipment and supplies following the Vehicle Emergency Checklist.