Bridging the gap between the paranoid doomsday prepper and the prepared civilian. A realistic approach to survival, homesteading, offgrid living, and SHTF.

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Get prepper centric intel and situational awareness reports pushed to your phone app or browser as real-time events occur. Stay in the know with the "Grayman Briefing".


The Grayman Briefing is a network of services that provide intel and situational awareness on emerging threats (civil unrest, military actions), current events (natural disasters, major incidents), trends/disruptions (crime, supply chain), advisories (legal updates, evacuation notices), and TTPs (urban survival, counter-surveillance).


Topics include;


  • Domestic/Cyber/Terrorist; Attacks and Indicators
  • Threat Detection Analysis
  • 2nd Amendment Legal Updates
  • Urban Survival Tactics
  • Breaking News that affects Preparedness
  • Global Military Actions
  • Government Overreach Warnings
EDC Pocket Tin Kit

Grab our Survival Tin Cans with Kydex Sheaths and outfit them with a selections of micro-survival kits.


  • Fire starting
  • First aid
  • SERE
  • Fishing
  • Water purification
  • Signalling
Smartphone Survival Guide

Download this guide and learn how 90% of a smartphone's capabilities exist even without a WiFi or data connection.


  • Start a fire with salvaged parts
  • Access FM radio
  • Store 1,000s of books and prepping resources
  • View offline maps
  • Enable compass, flashlight, mirror, SOS apps
  • Communicate with mesh networks
  • Get real-time emergency updates
Emergency Comms Patch

This Velcro Morale Patch could save your life.


  • Common Radio Emergency Channels and Frequencies.
  • Useful Phone Book Reference for 911 and Rescue.
  • ICE Card section. Fill in the blank patch for listing your emergency contact info.
  • The back of patch has a hidden storage pocket for packing survival supplies.
Hip Pocket Brief

Get the pocket size training booklet covering 40 lessons with tactics, techniques, and procedures on the following topic,


  • Evasive driving
  • Situational awareness
  • Home defense
  • Indicators of threats
  • Urban survival
  • Escape and evasion
  • Prepping for disaster

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