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Downloadable Content and Digital Subscription.
A collection of prepper resources and digital downloads with free lifetime updates. A subscription service option provides daily/weekly access to actionable information

  • ICERS, In-Case-of-Emergency Response System. A customizable template for groups, designed to regain contact after an emergency and determine when to shelter in place or bug out. 
  • ELG, Emergency Loadout Guide. Series of 6 guides for Bug Out Bags, INCH, Get Home Bags, Vehicle Emergency Kit, K9, and EDC. Includes checklists, packing tips, and other walkthrough info.
  • Survival and Prepping Guides. Themed writeups on a variety of prepping topics.
  • Grayman Briefing. A digital subscription to Intel and Situational Awareness Updates delivered via Telegram and Signal Channels and supplemented by Email.
  • Hip Pocket Brief.  Our printed (and downloadable) pocket size booklet series; each containing 40 short training sessions.