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In Case of Emergency Response System

ICERS outlines a means to plan for life altering events, SHTF, in order to maintain communications among family & friend’s households while assessing sustainability to determine when to shelter in place, bugout, or pool resources. While contact among households is key, ICERS creates 3 incident based Categories with a set of actionable plans when comms are down. The Actions work in concert with predefined Rally Points and “What If” scenarios so that all affected parties can reunite or self-sustain.


It's a document. It allows you to have a quick reference for phone numbers and addresses for your family and prepping team. It has guidelines to follow for when a crisis occurs so that you know when to shelter in place or where to bugout . The document's primary focus is making sure all members know what to do even if they are unable to talk to each other due to cellular outages. It's a template you complete now, download/print, then refer to when things go bad.

Faraday Handkerchief
  • Security Defense: Anti-Theft protection against Data, Identify, Financial information common in high density areas.
  • EMP Shield: Protect your cell phone/electronics by quickly wrapping inside hank.
  • Signal Isolation: Quickly cuts incoming and outgoing signals.
  • Radiation Defense: Shields against harmful radiation caused by cell phones, electronics, microwaves, etc.
  • Paracord Pull: 550lb Parachute Cordage for quick access to pouch and hang hook.
  • Velcro Closure: Opening Pocket is kept secure with Velcro Strip.

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