EDC Puncture Markers - Self Defense Marker and/or Grayman Sharpie

EDC Puncture Markers - Self Defense Marker and/or Grayman Sharpie

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"Pair of permanent markers - one prints standard Sharpie ink and the other can leave permanent damage"

EDC Markers: 
(Puncture-point self-defense marker and gray permanent ink standard Sharpie)

These Everyday Carry permanent markers serve two very different purposes. The Grayman branded marker is a Sharpie brand "slate gray" standard marker and can be used to jot down a note, label boxes, or mark on most surfaces. The other marker contains non-metallic fiberglass rod with approximately 0.47 inches of a sharpened point exposed. The piercing spike is encompassed with epoxy resin and housed inside a Sharpie brand marker body. The puncture-point marker can be use to punch holes and stab open a stubborn box. The idea is to provide a covert self-defense tool that blends in as a writing utensil. We chose the G10-type fiberglass rod due to its undetectable properties and ability to both hold a sharpened point and match the standard writing colors of a marker. The self-defense marker is available with a regular 1/2 inch spike exposed or a covert 1/4 inch spike that is designed to match the size of a standard marker tip. Also check out our Cache Markers; it's a selection of hollowed permanent markers with SERE, Survival, Fire, Fishing, and Escape supplies stored inside the marker's body.

Puncture-point Marker: Fiberglass internal defense spike with sharp tip concealed inside Sharpie marker body. Standard marker caps are included.
  • Black, Regular puncture-point ~1/2" long tip
  • Black, Covert puncture-point ~1/4" short tip that matches appearance of standard sharpie
  • Red, Regular puncture-point~1/2" long tip
  • Green, Regular puncture-point ~1/2" long tip
  • Blue, Regular puncture-point ~1/2" long tip

Upgrades / Add-ons: These options will only apply to puncture-point markers and they will be added to all puncture-point markers in your order.

  • Hockey-tape wrap, we hand wrap your marker with a polyester/cotton cloth handle to improve grip.
  • Keyring Cap, we'll bond with rubber cement (B-7000) a black cap to your marker cap. This provides multiple carry and draw options by attaching a metal triangle ring to the top of the marker cap. It's permanently attached. Note that the ring caps are black and will not match other color options.


Standard Sharpie Marker: Standard writing Sharpie marker in slate gray color, branded with Grayman Briefing. This is just a gray marker, no puncture-point tip.
  • Gray, Standard Ink


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