Patch Kits - Velcro Morale Patches with storage slot for survival kits

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What are Storage Pocket Patches?
They are a Velcro backed patch modified with a subdued, laser cut slot allowing access to a small storage space. Depending on the patch selected, there can be up to 2" x 3" x 0.25" capacity for storage.  A selection of survival supplies and tools can then be concealed inside the patch. Patches are available for individual purchase or as part of a Patch Kit. *Tape, Leather, & Hard patches do not feature a storage pocket.

What are Superesse Patch Kits?
The #superessepatchkit is a pairing of a Subdued Storage Pocket Patch and a themed selection of survival supplies/tools concealed inside the patch.  Custom built Mylar Packets are used to house small, sharp, and water sensitive items.  Larger items or Every Day Carry (EDC) tools are placed in the patch as standalone items.  The kits are composed of essential items that can aid in fire making, fishing, lighting, escaping unlawful restraints, signaling, sawing, etc.

The patches can be affixed to Velcro on bugout bags (BOB), tactical headgear, jacket sleeves or anywhere else the hook and loop closure will cling. The patch stays attached to your gear or clothing until you need to deploy it.  Out of sight and out of mind but ready when an emergency arises.  Choose the kits that best fit your needs from the choices below.

What is the Patch Kit of the Month?
It's a subscription plan where we ship a Storage Pocket Morale Patch and a themed Kit each month. Cancel anytime.

 Morale Patch Survival Kit, Velcro Tactical Patches

Anything else I should know?
Patches come partially unassembled.  The contents of the kit are delivered loose or in the sealed Mylar/Ziplock packet.  By packing your own patch you know what it contains and can modify the contents to meet your specific mission requirements.  Once your kit is assembled, carefully place the items inside the slot on the back of the patch.

Keep in mind these are PVC and Embroidered patches. That means the Velcro backing is stitched/sewn onto the rear of the patch. Strings and stitches wear out. Limit the number of times you retrieve and refill the patch kit to lessen the wear/tear. Use caution when pulling open the storage pocket slot to increase longevity of stitching.

Any safety/legal concerns?
Handcuff keys are included for illegal detainments only.  Be sure to check state and local laws prior to possession or use.  Blades are sharp and use of some tools may result in injury or death.  The customer assumes all legal responsibility for the possession and use of all items.  Use caution when packing or unpacking the patch's contents as some items may be sharp.  Superesse Straps is not responsible for any injuries caused by the contents of the patch or their use.  Descriptions of Superesse Straps patches are generalized and may or may not apply to the items included.  Included tips, suggestions and reference materials should only be relied on as accurate based upon your own research from medical and survival professionals. Some internal contents could be damaged during wear or unpacking.