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Going Offgrid Guide

An Introductory Guide to Setting up a Homestead or Bugout Location.


This guide provides information establishing and maintaining an offgrid homestead, including land selection, building and shelter options, heating, cooking, power solutions, self-sufficiency through gardening and raising livestock, security measures, and community involvement.

In Case of Emergency Response System

Our Create a plan for your family to refer to in the event of a hurricane, terrorist event, pandemic,  blackout, EMP, etc. Set rally points, contact methods, bugout schedule,  and more. Print a copy to secure in your safe and vehicle and download a copy for offline use to your phone.

Camp Rag

This handkerchief fits in your pocket, cleans up spills, and well does what any hank can do... but


It also is burnproof and cut resistant. Great for around the campfire, bushcraft tasks, tending to hot equipment, using as a work mat, etc.

Hip Pocket Brief

Get the pocket size training booklet covering 40 lessons on survival and preparedness.


  • Prepping for disaster
  • Where/when to carry a get home bag
  • Defending the homestead
  • Bugging out via contingency means
  • Avoiding danger or threats
Lighter DIY Kits

Carry a firestarter and Survival EDC Kit in your Pocket.


We've put together a set of supplies designed to fit against the frame of a lighter. Some of the supplies adhere (tapes, mirrors, glow surfaces) and other tools are attached by wrapping a ranger band around them against the lighter (cuff key, blade, kevlar saw).

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