Camp Rag - Burn Proof Work Cloth built from Durable Kevlar Fabric w/ Lanyard Grommet.

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A flame retardant work rag used to tend to a fire, grasp hot equipment or recently fired barrel/suppressor, shield from flames, soak up a grease spill, shield during a parry from blade based attacks, etc. Equipped with grommet for attaching to lanyard, key ring, etc. Built and crafted with 2 layers of *Kevlar/Nomex fabric and stitched together with Aramid/Gutermann thread. Add a lanyard to upgrade hank's capability to starting a fire, setting a snare trap, fishing, or utilitarian tasks aided by a burnproof lanyard. 


  • *Flame resistant: Up to 800°F (black, gray) or 700°F (orange, sage).
  • Grommet hole: a gloss black steel lanyard hole for utilitarian uses.
  • Cut resistant: Impervious against abrasions, blade cuts, and tears under linear move variable weight (*ANSI Level 4 estimated rating). Offers some protection against vertical punctures. (*ANSI Level 1 estimated rating)

SPECS: 2 layer *Kevlar/Nomex woven cloth, Aramid sewn, metal grommet, est. 10"x10" size, orange hanks are closer to 9.75"x9.75".

  • Steel Cable Ring: Mechanic's Aircraft Grade, stainless steel ring, threaded barrel connecting screw-on ends. 7.5" length, 2.5" diameter.
  • Kevlar Rope: a burn resistant Kevlar, UV protected, length of high strength cordage. Great lanyard if your primary use of the hank is in/around flames such as forging metal or cooking over camp fire. 
  • Firecord: includes 12"+ of paracord with inner tinder wick that is highly flammable and waterproof. This tinder catches a spark easily for firecrafting. The cordage is a single strand so you can create a pull-thru lanyard. 
  • Survivor Cord: includes 12"+ of survival paracord filled with inner strands of 25 lb. test mono-filament fishing line, waterproof/waxed twisted jute fiber strand, and 30 AWG metallic alloy conductive/non-magnetic snare wire, (and of course 7 nylon strands, 550lb+ strength). The cordage is a single strand so you can create a pull-thru lanyard.
  • Firecord w/ Ferro Firestarter Toggle: We pre-thread the cordage thru a ferrocerium firestarting toggle. Simply scrape the rod to create flame sparks. 
  • Survival Cord w/ Ferro Firestarter Toggle: We pre-thread the Cordage thru a ferrocerium firestarting toggle. Simply scrape the rod to create flame sparks. 


YouTube Cut Puncture and Burn Test

YouTube Scoring Cuts and Flame Test


Camp Rag is absorbent to heat. While cloth is near impossible to burn or ignite, heat is easily transferred thru material and can burn hands if exposed to prolong heat while grasping.

*Kevlar is the primary fabric used in our camp rags but Nomex (up to 700°f with varying ANSI ratings) and generic aramid fabric may be used in some variants. 


Place Camp Rag atop a pot or mug of coffee while heating on an open flame to block ashes and debris.

Use as a barrel/suppressor wrap to protect from burns. Use Kevlar Lanyard to secure cover.

Cover an hot engine block while making mechanical adjustments under the hood.

Tend to a campfire and arrange logs and kindling.

Parry a blade based attack while protecting from offensive cuts.

Use as a pad/mat to lay out small disassembled parts while cleaning.

Improvise as an​ oven mitt. Use bungee cord to make a hook for hanging mitt by oven.


Wash this Hank anyway you want. It's durable. Throw in the machine wash, dry in the dryer, or clean by hand. Use any detergent. Just steer clear of bleach.