Going Offgrid - An Introductory Guide to Setting up a Homestead or Bugout Location [Pre-order PDF]

Going Offgrid - An Introductory Guide to Setting up a Homestead or Bugout Location [Pre-order PDF]

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Going Offgrid (Pre-order)
Selecting, Prepping, and Sustaining a Location


  • This is a Pre-order for a digital product. Once the guide is published you will be emailed a link to download the PDF version. The Guide is expected to be completed in July 2024.
  • Includes a PDF file.
  • This is a working document. Further tips, guides, and illustrations may be added later.
  • Free lifetime updates to any future versions of the guide.

This guide provides information establishing and maintaining an offgrid homestead, including land selection, building and shelter options, heating, cooking, power solutions, self-sufficiency through gardening and raising livestock, security measures, and community involvement.

The guide will detail the priorities to be considered when selecting a plot of land for the intent of building a structure disconnected from traditional utilities and remote from common man-made resources. The end goal is to establish a self-sufficient homestead or emergency egress location in the event of a life altering scenario or the desire to shift from dependence on others. While the focus of the guide is derived from a "prepared mindset" on survival, the information is also relative to those wishing to live a different lifestyle. 

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

  1. Land Location and Selection.
  2. Building and Shelter Options.
  3. Building, Construction, Initial Setup.
  4. Heating, Cooling, Cooking.
  5. Alternative Power (solar, turbines, etc).
  6. Gardening, Foraging, Hunting, Permaculture, Greenhouses, Livestock, Farming.
  7. Self-Sufficiency Considerations.
  8. Water Management/Collection.
  9. Security, Networking, Communications, Management/Upkeep.