10 Indicators of Impending SHTF

We've composed 10 signs of impending disaster. Some deal with natural occurring events and others with man made causes of SHTF. The more that are ready for Life Altering Events means there will be less coming to the prepared doorsteps for help. Download our Crisis Planning Template and create an action based bugout/shelter-in-place plan using ICERS.

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1. Bent and Curved Leaning Trees - Caused by previous #landslide indicative of a future landslide. What to do: Don't build here, have plans for alternative routes thru area.

2. Issued Curfews - Issued due to #looting, #rioting, etc; What to do: if state or local authorities have announced a curfew then you can assume the area is unsafe. Gather supplies from alt resources, bunker down and defense your homestead, or bugout.

3. Green Tinted Cloudy Sky - A sign of an impending #storm capable of hail, high winds, tornadoes, heavy rain. What to do: Shelter in place, ride out storm.

4. Sudden Change in Weather - If it was pouring heavy rain and windy then suddenly becomes calm or vice versa, you are entering or exiting the eye of a powerful storm. What to do: Shelter in place.

5. Mass Animal Migrations - You no longer notice animals that often frequent your area or you see birds or even herds of animals leaving an area, a storm or #nuclearbio attack is nearing or just occurred. What to do: Bugout, if relevant; don gas mask or respirator and don't drink local water.

6. Receding Tide: If the tide rapidly draws back leaving a once never seen shore visible, an earthquake/tsunami is occurring. What to do: Move inland and avoid low lying areas, seek shelter.

7. Hot Breeze, Burnt Smell, and Red Glow Ash - A #wildfire is nearby and could be approaching. What to do: Bugout, check news an alerts for safe direction of travel.

8. Congested Traffic with Civil Unrest - If you are on the road and begin to seeing abandon vehicles, foot traffic, horn blowing, yelling, etc; some other event has occurred causing civil unrest such an #EMP that has disable vehicles, an issued evacuation order, etc. What to do: Secure your vehicle, exit roadway on foot, avoid high population areas, bugout.

9. Economic and Supply Changes - A historic stock market crash, sudden shortages of fuel or other staples, government shutdowns, or a pro-longed economic depression, could all be a sign of #societalcollapse or #civilunrest. What to do: Unless you planned ahead your only option is to shelter in place or bugout from high population centers while become self-sufficient. Best course of action is to stockpile food, store up and rotate in/out fuel/water, get #offgrid, have a plan for hunting/gathering food, and have items to barter.

10. Mass Animal Die Offs - If you find fish floating on water or against shore, or other unexplained wildlife deaths, a #biological event has occurred that would indicate the water is poisonous or the air is unsafe. What to do: Check news and alerts, bugout, don't eat animals or drink water from this region.


The only way you'll be ready for most of the events that follow the above indicators, is if you plan and prepare. Download ICERs now. Study up and learn how to pack bugout bag, stock an emergency loadout in your vehicle, and convert your smartphone to a survival tool. Checkout all our checklists and guides on our Resources page.