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What's the difference between Superesse Hanks and regular hanks? 

Our #superessehanks are Everyday Carry (EDC) handkerchiefs built to assist in firecrafting, defense from an EMP, escaping illegal restraints, sawing, purifying water, signaling, filtering toxic air, and more. It's the multi-tool of rags. 

What are some common uses of "regular" hanks?
Wipe up spilled beer
Blow your nose
Shade from sun
Wet and use too cool down
Strain water to drink
Pot Holder
Clean cell phone screen
Check vehicle oil
Dry sweat from a working man's brow

What are some innovative ways to use #superessehanks?
Shield from an EMP
Allow you to handle a hot kettle over a fire
Purify Water
Saw through a branch or rope
Defeat Handcuffs
Defend against credit card theft, (skimming)
Affix a morale patch
Protect against harmful radiation
Start a fire
Set a snare trap
Signal for rescue
Filter gases/smoke
EDC a micro survival kit

Where and How are they made?
Our Everyday Carry Handkerchiefs are primarily handcrafted in North Carolina, USA. We use 100% cotton, aramid thread, Kevlar material, nickel/copper EMF cloth, Velcro, ripstop, and other high quality materials to create a simple square of cloth that aid in unconventional tasks.

What is the Hank of the Month Plan?
It's a subscription to receive a different Handkerchief at a discounted price every month (or quarterly). A new model or color with each delivery. Cancel anytime.

While extensive field testing has been completed on each hank, claims of capabilities and uses should be based on your own training and experiences. These hanks are designed to aid in an array of tasks but individual use may vary. We are not responsible if a use does not fit your expectations, i.e. if an EMP attack occurs and your cell phone ceases working even after being enclosed in our Faraday Hank. i.e. if you burn your hand trying to tend to a flaming piece of kindling using our Camp Rag. Use at your own risk.

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