I wanted to answer some of the common questions folks ask. If you don't see the answer to your question then ask us on the form below and we'll add it to our FAQ


Paracord Straps

What comes with a paracord strap order?

The bracelet itself is composed of a cobra weaved paracord band connected with a polymer buckle. The survival/EDC items are attached to it and stored inside the core. It is shipped in a screw top, water proof, tin can. We  add 2 reference cards detailing what’s included in your strap (the Marathoner and Ex-Band not have a reference card). We also occasionally add extra ranger bands and accessories.

Where are all the smaller items that are supposed to be on my bracelet?

Smaller supplies are stored in a supply core that is hidden in the center of the paracord weave. To access these items you'll need to unravel the bracelet and pull out the supply core. The core is composed of a strap of duct tape that has items rolled inside of it. On some bracelets this duct tape roll is also stored inside of a heatshrink tube. To open the heatshrink tube find the precut slit on the end of the tube and tear it open. The duct tape has a folded corner tab to assist with peeling off the duct tape. Use caution to carefully fold back the duct tape so the tape itself can be reused if needed. Also be alert of sharp items like a fish hook or needle while peeling back the tape. 

How do I know which items are in the bracelet's supply core and which are attached to the outside?

You can assume if you do not see the item, then it's going to be in the supply core. Many of the items are part of the buckle itself, (i.e. the ceramic razor is built into the 3in1 buckle). Also, many items are stored under the ranger bands (black rubber bands). Just roll back part of the ranger band to familiarize yourself with what's under it, (we put items like the Kevlar saw, tinder wick, F.A.T. packets, etc., under the bands for quick access). Another quick reference is the product page for your strap, each item that is externally accessible will have an * asterisk mark to indicate it is on the outside, (no * mark means it's in the supply core).

Can I put the bracelet back together after I open it?

In short, no. The items on the inside are for last ditch emergency use. So if you unravel your bracelet to access these items your concern should be with survival and not with repairing your bracelet. Technically, if you know how to weave then you could place back unused items in the duct tape core and then reweave the bracelet. When you reweave you'll find the bracelet will be a bit tighter and may look a bit messy. The best thing to do is use your 25% customer discount and grab a new strap. If you have a real-world survival scenario where our strap was used to save your hide, then send us the police report or news article as proof and we'll send a free replacement! 

Can I request a specific size for straps?

Yes, just leave a note at checkout. If it‚Äôs more than 9‚ÄĚ there may be an extra charge.¬†

How do I measure my wrist and choose the right size? 

Bracelets come in 4 sizes. The size is based off your wrist measurement. Choose the size that fits your measurement. (use a cloth ruler or a string/ruler to find diameter of wrist). We take into account the bulk of the bracelet so you don't need to order a bigger size just because you ordered a fully loaded strap.

Small- Fits sizes 6.25" to 7" wrists
Medium Tight- Fits 7" to 7.5" wrists
Medium Loose- Fits 7.5" to 8" wrists
Large- Fits 8" to 8.75" wrists

What if I ordered the wrong size?

Measure twice, buy once. We are not responsible if the size delivered does not fit your wrist. Bracelets are made to be accurate to the nearest half inch. We use a permanent jig, mandrel, and multiple quality assurance tests to make sure we never send the wrong bracelet size. If your size if off then you most likely did not measure your wrist or did so incorrectly. If you think we sent the wrong size then send us a photo of your invoice (we write down the jig size on the invoice) we'll check the jig size and determine from there if we made an error or not. Either way we want you to be happy. If it's our fault just send back the bracelet and we'll replace it for free. If you made an error then we'll give you a discount on a replacement.


Customer Incentives

Do repeat customers get anything?

All customers get 25% off their future orders for life. You'll receive the discount code on your invoice and promotional cards with your order.


Superesse Stash Rewards

How do rewards work?

1. First sign up for a customer account. (We'll load all accounts with 250 points) 

2. Next, earn more points by liking/sharing on social media, by buying gear (1 point per $1 spent), or simply by visiting our website once a month. You can also share your referral code and earn 250 points per customer you send us. 3. Redeem your points on rewards like a "Free Shipping" code, "$50 off" code, or even a $500 shopping spree. You can also cash in on free gear like a "Kevlar Saw", "Bugout Bracelet" or "T-Shirt". (note that fixed value discounts have minimum purchase requirements and free gear will still require you to pay shipping). View our Rewards Dashboard.



How are the hanks made and where?

All our hanks are made either one at a time by hand in our home in North Carolina or in small batches by our friends/partners in the USA. We don't outsource internationally. The hank fabric, threads, and material are USA made. 


Brand Ambassadors

Who are Brand Ambassadors?

We have 10-20 select individuals who maintain either a positive social media influence or are members of a unique field that we feel have the ability to rep our brand and products to their acquaintances and followers. While we do not know them all on a personal level; we have vetted their available biographies to determine them to be a good source for potential customers to ascertain a third party and unbiased look at what we do. We don't just give them free stuff; they are all paying customers who are overly satisfied with our gear and wanted to spread the news about our small company.

How do I become an ambassador?
There is an application process. Check it out and see if you meet the requirements. 



$3.99 in the U.S. and $20-$55 international. Orders under $10 are subject to a $5.99 rate in the U.S.

What shipping method do you use?

We ship USPS first class. All orders come with a tracking code. 

Do you ship to my county?

Yes, unless you live in Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Iraq, Libya, South Yemen, North Korea, Belarus, Russia, or Pakistan.

How long does it take to receive an order?

It takes 1-21 days to process and ship an order. It takes 2-5 days to be delivered, longer if shipping outside the USA (not withstanding disruptions). If you live outside the USA or Canada, wait 3 months before you contact us about your order. In the meantime, file a claim with USPS. We can't help you, we shipped it, it's up to your home country to deliver. 

It's been 8 weeks and I have not received my order?

Did you get a shipment confirmation? If so, you'll need to check the tracking info, once it's been shipped it's out of our control. (If you didn't get a notification email then check your spam). We ship to the exact address you provided, so login to your account and check to make sure you entered the correct address. If your address is right, keep in mind it may take up to a week to deliver in the US and 1-4 weeks outside the US. (this is because your country customs office may have held it up and you failed to follow up with them upon arrival). If you did not get a shipping confirmation then please email us or call us 910 260 5030. It's best to contact us thru our contact form here, (include order #). Note: Masks and bandanas may be delayed up to 4 months.

Custom Orders

Can I substitute items on strap for something else I saw on another strap model?

Yes, for instance you can swap the LED buckle for the handcuff key buckle. There may be price variations though. For example, if you swap a p38 for a seat belt cutter there would be a $10 charge. Just leave a note at checkout and we'll email you if there is a charge. 

ÔĽŅÔĽŅCan I add items to a bracelet?

ÔĽŅYep, we have a product listing call Standalone Supplies. Simply add a strap to your cart, then choose items from the standalone supplies. Leave a message and tell us in you want them added to the outer band or stowed away inside the core.


Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, Cancellations

What's the deal with refunds and returns?

In short; if we messed up then we'll make it right at no cost to you. If we didn't mess up then you'll cover things like shipping and replacements, this is usually done by providing a discount code for you to purchase a new item at a discounted price. (Hey, even though it's not our fault, I know the pain, we want to make you happy). Note: There are no refunds on filter bandanas or masks.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, if we send a defective or incorrect item. So if we sent the wrong color/size bracelet, or the patch we sent was torn, or something like that, then yes we will refund you if you ship it back, we'll even pay shipping. No refunds if you sized wrong or changed your mind.

Can I Return or Exchange?

Yes. If you need to exchange something because we sent the wrong item we will cover shipping and replacement. If you changed your mind, ordered the wrong item, or want a another size strap; then you'll need to cover shipping and replacement fees. When it comes to straps, we usually just ask you to order a new strap. We don't resell straps and we make them to order for each customer. If you're returning some other gear we'll play it by ear.

What about long time customers and an issue arising down the road?

If you've had a strap for years or a patch kit for even a month and realize you misplaced something, a buckle breaks (which wasn't shipped broken), or some other issue that really isn't our fault but one of those stuff happens deals, we'll hook you up with a discount for fixing it.

Can I cancel an order if it has not shipped yet?

Yes, but you may be subject to a fee depending on the product ordered and what stage we are in the fulfillment process. This could be 5% or 25% of the order total. Don't order if you think you'll change your mind or are not willing to wait up to 4 weeks for it to ship.


Digital Downloads/Subscriptions

I bought a downloadable guide/checklist but how do I download it?

Once you purchase the download, an email is sent to you within 3 minutes. Simply open that email and click the blue link. It will then open a website. Click the download button. If you are on a computer the download will begin and most likely you'll be given an option to open it or choose what folder to save it in. If you download from a smartphone or tablet it will often download in the background. You'll either need to navigate the file finder or in some case pull down your notifications bar to open it.

I can't find the download email; can you resend it?

No, it's there. Check your spam folder. If it's not there then you entered the wrong email at checkout. Go back to your account and fix your email address or contact us with the correct address and we'll resend it. Look for an email with subject line "Your downloads are ready". 

How do I edit or cancel my Hank, Patch Kit, Tin, Gear, or other subscription?

Go to your account on our website and tap "Manage Subscriptions" under RECURRING SUBSCRIPTIONS. Tap the order name for the subscription you want to edit or cancel. Now when the page loads again tap the subscription name again. Scroll down and click "Cancel Subscription" or edit as needed.

How do I update my payment method before a new subscription processes?

To edit an upcoming subscription order payment method, login to your account, scroll down and click "Manage Subscriptions". View on a laptop or in desktop mode so you can see and click the tab "Payment Methods". Edit your current payment method or add a new one from this page.

How do I find my downloads after I order them?

Downloadable files such as guides, checklists, and access files to the Grayman Briefing are automatically sent via email instantly when you order them. Search you inbox for the most recent emails from us that include the subject lines of either "Your Superesse/Grayman Digital Product has an update" or "Your downloads are ready". Do not open older emails with those titles as they may contain expired download links if we've sent updates out since your original purchase date. 

I have questions and problems concerning the Grayman Briefing, where can I get help?

Visit our Grayman Brief FAQ here.


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