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I wanted to answer some of the common questions folks ask. If you don't see the answer to your question then ask us on the form below and we'll add it to our FAQ

Paracord Straps

What comes with a paracord strap order?

1 screw top, water proof, tin can. 2 reference cards detailing what’s included in your strap (unless your strap is a custom order, Marathoner, or SERE Minimalist). 1 info card.

Where are all the smaller items that are supposed to be on my bracelet?

Smaller supplies are stored in a supply core that is hidden in the center of the paracord weave. To access these items you'll need to unravel the bracelet and pull out the supply core. The core is composed of a strap of duct tape that has items rolled inside of it. On some bracelets this duct tape roll is also stored inside of a heatshrink tube. To open the heatshrink tube find the precut slit on the end of the tube and tear it open. The duct tape has a folded corner tab to assist with peeling off the duct tape. Use caution to carefully fold back the duct tape so the tape itself can be reused if needed. Also be alert of sharp items like a fish hook or needle while peeling back the tape. 

How do I know which items are in the bracelet's supply core and which are attached to the outside?

You can assume if you do not see the item then it's going to be in the supply core. Many of the items are part of the buckle itself, (i.e. the ceramic razor is built into the 3in1 buckle). Also, many items are stored under the ranger bands (black rubber bands). Just roll back part of the ranger band to familiarize your self with what's under it, (we put items like the kevlar saw, tinder wick, F.A.T. packets, etc under the bands for quick access). Another quick reference is the product page for your strap, each item that is externally accessible will have an * asterisks mark to indicate it is on the outside, ( no * mark means it's in the supply core).

Can I put the bracelet back together after I open it?

In short, no. The items on the inside are for last ditch emergency use. So if you unravel your bracelet to access these items your concern should be with survival and not with repairing your bracelet. Technically, if you know how to weave you could place back unused items in the duct tape core and then reweave the bracelet. When you reweave you'll find the bracelet will be a bit tighter and may look a bit messy. The best thing to do is use your 25% customer discount and grab a new strap. If you have a realworld survival scenario where our strap was used to save your hide, then send us the police report or news article as proof and we'll send a free replacement! 


Do repeat customers get anything?

All customers get 25% off their future orders for life. On your second purchase you get a Tan Labeled Superesse Patch w/ Covert pocket. On your third purchase you get a Superesse Logo Patch w/ covert pocket. We also throw in extras like our limited edition sticker, extra ranger bands, kevlar saw, tinder, etc.


Can I request a specific size for straps?

Yes, just leave a note at checkout. If it’s more than 9” you’ll need to create a custom order.

How do I measure my wrist and choose the right size? 

Bracelets come in 4 sizes. The size is based off your wrist measurement. Choose the size that fits your measurement. (use a cloth ruler or a string/ruler to find diameter of wrist). We take into account the bulk of the bracelet so you don't need to order a bigger size just because you ordered a fully loaded strap.

Small- Fits sizes 6.25" to 7" wrists
Medium Tight- Fits 7" to 7.5" wrists
Medium Loose- Fits 7.5" to 8" wrists
Large- Fits 8" to 8.75" wrists

What if I ordered the wrong size?

Measure twice, buy once. We are not responsible if the size delivered does not fit your wrist. Bracelets are made to be accurate to the nearest half inch. We use a permanent jig, mandrel, and multiple quality assurance tests to make sure we never send the wrong bracelet size. If your size if off then you most likely did not measure your wrist or did so incorrectly. If you think we send the wrong size then send us a photo of your invoice (we write down the jig size on the invoice) we'll check the jig size and determine from there if we made an error or not. Either way we want you to be happy. If it's our fault just send back the bracelet and we'll replace it for free. If you made an error then we'll give you a discount on a replacement.


How much is shipping?

$9.25 in the US and $20 international(shipping varies on custom orders). We currently offer free shipping on US orders of $100+ and international of $200+. 

What shipping method do you use?

We ship USPS first class. All orders come with a tracking code. 

Do you ship to my county?

Yes, unless you live in Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Iraq, Libya, South Yemen, North Korea, or Pakistan.



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