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The idea behind Superesse:

At Superesse the train of thought is preparedness by simplifying the method in which people keep essentials at hand. A knife, a lighter, or a flashlight are all great EDC tools to carry but oftentimes they can easily be forgotten and not on your person when needed.

Superesse paracord straps, hanks, and patches can be carried or worn daily allowing you to have what's needed to start a fire, fish, saw, purify water, cut a seatbelt in a rollover, navigate to safety, light up a path, carve a spear, or open a can of beans.

Many of Superesse’s kits are designed to be worn because if you wear a supply kit it’s more likely you won’t find yourself separated from it when needed. Alternatively, Superesse’s Everyday Carry gear is built to be multi-purpose. So by simply pocketing a hank; you not only could be keeping a sturdy tissue at-the-ready but also have a water filter device.

As part of our goal to increase preparedness, we gravely recognize that gear in and of itself does not lead to success in a Life Altering Event (emergency or SHTF). Instead knowledge is critical. That's why we have published a series of guides on topics such as home security, bugging out, survival caches and more. This drive to increase information sharing led to the formation of the Grayman Briefing which is aimed at curating news and situational awareness for the prepared minded citizen. 

Superesse Backstory:

Not too many years back Wesley was deployed down range. Being Airborne he found himself having plenty of Parachute Cordage. During down time he started making paracord bracelets for his team as a kind of morale booster. After returning back stateside this continued as a hobby. Being an outdoorsman and having a prepared mind, he would fill his pocket with cumbersome supplies before heading out the door for the day. Realizing that many of these items could be incorporated into the same bracelets; he began testing out various methods. Finally, coming up with a unique bracelet that had a flashlight, fishing kit, knife, firestarter, and whistle; he shared some pictures of the wearable survival kit to a Facebook Prepper's group. Within a few hours there were over a 100 comments and likes. Requests poured in from the group's members wanting to buy the strap. This is what launched the idea of turning that excitement into a business in early 2014.

The Superesse Team:

Superesse is a veteran and LE owned and operated venture.  On top of that they are a husband and wife team. Diana and Wesley handmake the hanks, paracord, and patch kits. They strife to enable others to carry useful gear and survival kits as part of their Everyday Carry. It's better to have and not need than need and not have. What really sets these products apart is that, each and every kit made, personally passes through the hands of this husband and wife team. In reality nearly everything is actually made in their home. Small Business at its finest.

Wesley served in the US Army Special Operations Command and received extensive tactical, SERE, land-nav, and unconventional warfare training. He applied this training and experience to developing EDC and Survival Gear themed for various lifestyles and adventures. He currently serves in the US Army Reserve and as a Law Enforcement Officer full time.

Diana is an avid runner having recently completed the NYC Marathon. She's a mom on the move and the muscle behind our gear. While chasing a toddler, she single handedly weaves bracelets and sews complex handkerchiefs. Her New Yorker grit and attention to detail ensure quality is at the forefront of every Superesse product.

The team is based out of North Carolina, USA near Ft. Bragg. Their venture is small but far reaching. Gear is handmade to order in small release batches. The best sign of quality is the time given to each item ordered. Putting an emphasis on God, Family, and Country; their goal is to let their work be their name.

View our Staff page for more info on those behind the scenes at Superesse.

Listen to our guest appearances on survival and tactical podcasts.

-Wesley and Diana


Social Media and Sister Pages

We are a network of products and service across 4 brands; Superesse, Practical Prepping, Off the Grid Guide, and Grayman Briefing. Learn more about each and follow us on social media here.

Our Partners:
Wazoo Survival Gear - Wearable Survival Kits

ACW Tactical - Survival Illustrations, Tactical Equipment, Kits.
Nature Reliance - Wilderness and Survival Education
Oxford Blade Co - EDC Knives and Tools
Survival Dispatch - Network of Survival Experts w/ Video/Articles.
Ultimate Survival Tips - Adventure Ready EDC and Survival Show Podcast

Our Sponsors for our Off-Grid Adventures:
Please visit our blog and follow us on our excursions and our developing offgrid bugout setup. The following sponsors will be providing material support in form of the most innovative rural security, survival supplies, camping equipment, etc.
Tiny Life Supply - Heat, Cooking, and Boiling water is a priority for our off-grid shelter, their Pipsqueak Wood Stove will meet all these needs.
Cuddeback - The CuddeLink series uses 3 remote cameras and a cellular camera to provide perimeter security to our rural bugout location. We get instant notifications sent by SMS when motion is detected.
Guardline Security -  We're using IR motion detecting sensors for outer perimeter security and a first line of defense. We get an audible alarm at the cabin sent via MURS radio with every alert.
inergy Solar - Creators of the Kodiak, a solar ready lithium generator used to power our tiny cabin and who knows what else.
PowerFilm: Tactical, quick setup waterproof panels on a foldaway canvas that can be hung up to collect power then easily packed for on the move adventures. Their panels power our exterior shelter/porch lights, fans, and equipment as well as our Bug Out Buggy.
Boss Watt Solar: Kickstand, easy setup impact resistant panels framed in light aluminum frame and coated with a clear polycarbonate sheet.
Dometic: Offgrid Appliances specializing in refrigeration. We're using their dual zone fridge/freezer combo to keep cold food stocks.
EcoXgear: Our cabin has the SolJam Solar powered Bluetooth speaker and the Boulder which not only blasts booming music but also serves as a portable power source.
Satmodo: A one stop source for satellite communications. Using their services on our Iridium Extreme Phone, we have a backup emergency device for offgrid comms.
XSteel Targets: The Texas Star is a centerpiece on our offgrid outpost's shooting range, fun to shoot and great reactive target practice.
ZombieBox: While solar is our fall back plan, when possible, we use a gasoline generator but it's loud and susceptible to weather. We're able to protect it from the elements and muffle it's sound with ZombieBox's unique generator enclosure boxes.
OffgridTrek: For solar on the go their panels pack tight and are part of our bugout bag and vehicle loadouts.
Midland USA: Comms is key during SHTF and when offgrid. We exclusively equipped our cabin, buggy, and Jeep with their GMRS radio sets and Weather radios.
The Gun Box: Firearms are a staple at our offgrid range and our home. Keeping them readily accessible yet secure can't be done better than with these high tech safes.
Gallow Tech: Gun Storage Cabinets and Display Shelves. We've implemented their USA made equipment as a security closet for tools, comms, and guns at our outpost.
Baofeng Radios: Amateur "Ham" radio was one of our priorities for our long term communication.
Blackstone Products - Eating and food prep are essential tasks when offgrid.  We exclusively use their camp cooking grills and tools both indoor and out for every meal.
Nitecore - Our EDC and lighting around the camp is handled by Nitecore LED flashlights. We daily carry these lights both offgrid on grounds checks and while on the move in the city after dark.
Duration Health - Preventive Contingency Medication provider. A telehealth resource for emergency health needs.

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Brand Ambassadors:
We have a select group of customers that have been labeled brand ambassadors, BAs. The BAs rep our brand by offering 3rd party insight into the quality of our gear, providing reviews/demos of our products. The benefit of being a BA is access to new items before launch, huge discounts, free gear, and rewards for referrals. If you would like to be a brand ambassador please click here to apply.

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