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Paracord Survival, Tactical, and EDC Kits:
Our kits are a last ditch survival tool in the event you ever come into an emergency or survival situation where you've become separated from your gear. The idea is that you always have a small survival kit on you. Our straps, hanks, and patches can be worn or carried daily allowing you to have what's needed to start a fire, fish, saw, purify water, cut a seatbelt in a rollover, navigate to safety, light up a path, carve a spear, and more.

Additionally, they serve as an essential tool during everyday tasks. The Everyday Carry supplies are there if you need to pry open a paint can, read a book at night(w/ LED Light), open a bottle, or treat a wound.

Our back story:
Not too many years back I was deployed down range. Being Airborne I found myself having plenty of Parachute Cordage. To help pass the down time I started making paracord bracelets. I made one for everyone on my team as a kind of morale booster. After returning home I made a few for myself and started incorporating small items inside that I felt may aid in simple tasks and in situations where things go awry. After sharing some pictures of my personal wearable survival kits to a Facebook Prepper's group I was asked to make them for others in the group. From there we kept getting more and more requests until we officially opened to the public in Fall of 2014. 

Who we are and what we do:
We are a veteran owned and operated venture. Our paracord kits are all handmade in America. We strife to enable others to carry useful gear and survival kits as part of their Everyday Carry. It's better to have and not need than need and not have. I personally prepare and package all orders and my wife weaves the prepared gear into paracord bracelets, anklets, key fobs, lanyards, etc. We also offer custom orders. This allows you to steer clear of generic one-type-fits-all kits. 

I served in the US Army Special Operations Command and received extensive tactical, SERE, land-nav, and unconventional warfare training. I've since applied my training and experience to developing survival bracelets themed for various lifestyles and adventures.

I currently serve in the US Army Reserve and as a Law Enforcement Officer full time. Home is North Carolina, USA near Ft. Bragg. Our venture is small. We buy small batches of supplies. We take our time on each order. The goal is allow our work to be our name. We thank God for giving us a hobby that is both fun and rewarding. 

-Wesley and Diana

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