Superesse Gear of the Month - A rotation of Patch Kits, Hanks, EDC Tin Kits, Shim Cards, Straps, and more.

Superesse Gear of the Month - A rotation of Patch Kits, Hanks, EDC Tin Kits, Shim Cards, Straps, and more.

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(Monthly selection of handmade, custom survival gear designed to be worn or carried)

Each month we'll ship you one of our flagship products ranging from a paracord survival bracelet to a multipurpose handkerchief. Monthly packages will always be supplemented with additional assorted Superesse gear like survival tin kits or EDC tools. We'll alternate gear making sure you're getting a variety of what we offer and something different.
An example of a monthly package would be: A Camp Rag (burnproof kevlar hank), Morse Code Patch (w/ storage pocket), Superesse Notebook (40 page, accepts a morale patch on cover), and a Shim Saw (E&E Tool & Micro Saw).
  • EDC Hanks - Our handkerchiefs have varying purposes. Some are burnproof making them helpful around the campfire while others have a built in faraday cage.
  • Paracord Straps - Our bracelets have daily tools attached to the outside for quick access and emergency supplies stored inside.
  • Shim Cards - These packets are wallet-sized survival kits, vacuum sealed and compact additions to your glove compartment or bugout bag.
  • Patch Kits - We have an array of Velcro backed morale patches that display useful information such as CPR guide or emergency call numbers. Each patch has a covert storage pocket and will be outfitted with tools, supplies, and emergency kits.
  • Lighter Kits¬†- We customize Bic lighters with a frame wrapped kit turning your trusted firestarter into a multi-tool PSK.
  • EDC Tins - Our branded "Altoids" size tin is loaded with smaller slide-top tins, each holding a different themed kit such as SERE, note taking, medical, cut/saw, etc.
  • Superesse Stuff - While the above are the primary products in the monthly rotation we'll also fill in some months with a collection of other gear like our books, stickers, watch band kits, lanyards, and small tools (tactical paperclip, shim saw, sight card, shelter nail, kevlar saw).
Packages are worth $65 to $180. Each month's value varies but we'll always make sure it's worth $65+. Our straps' average value is $125! You'll definitely be saving money compared to buying our gear separately. On months where we use lower valued items, like a patch kit (which averages a value of $39), we'll added extra stuff like a bonus patch, EDC Tool, survival tins, sticker pack, and more.



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