Paracord Straps - Survival and Tactical Bracelets with built in kits.

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What are Superesse Straps?
Our #superessestraps are simply paracord bracelets (straps) that are outfitted to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and tasks. Incorporated into each strap are carefully selected supplies to assist; military members serving behind enemy lines, those preparing for an urban SHTF event, outdoors enthusiasts looking for a compact collection of backup survival tools for a camping trip gone wrong, or those who want to be ready for the unexpected.

Straps are constructed with frequency of use in mind.  The outer band holds accessible everyday carry (EDC) tools for use in daily tasks.  For example; a seat belt cutter or bottle opener may be attached to the outside band for reoccurring deployment. However, tucked into the inner supply core, under the paracord weave, are a collection of smaller emergency supplies.  Since they are carried as tools of last resort they are only accessible by unraveling the strap.

Survival Kit Paracord Bracelets

What models are available?
Below is a collection of our purpose oriented straps.  Choose the one that best fits your daily needs or that will aid in preparing you for the unexpected.  While a fully loaded bug out bag (BOB), tool box or first-aid kit is preferable in an emergency, how often are they within arm's reach when needed most?  Superesse Straps are designed to be worn daily and be on your person whether simple tasks need to be completed or disaster strikes.

How do I choose the right size?
Sizing- Bracelets come in 4 sizes. The size is based off your wrist measurement. Choose the size that fits your measurement. (use a cloth ruler or a string/ruler to find diameter of wrist)

Small- Fits sizes 6.25" to 7" wrists
Medium Tight- Fits 7" to 7.5" wrists
Medium Loose- Fits 7.5" to 8" wrists
Large- Fits 8" to 8.75" wrists
(Measure twice, buy once. We are not responsible if the size delivered does not fit your wrist. Bracelets are made to be accurate to the nearest half inch. We suggest you size up if your borderline between size options. Note that adding survivorcord and firecord make the strap stiff but we do account for that.)

What all comes with the straps?
Each fully equipped Superesse Strap is shipped in a 4"x 4" tin can.  This water resistant can, with screw on lid, can be used to store extra supplies for your Superesse Strap or to create your own survival tin kit.

Can I customize a strap?
There are a number of supplies and tools that can be bought separately and then added to your strap once you receive it. You can buy the Standalone Supplies and Parts and add them yourself.

However,  we offer a fully customizable option. Build your strap from the ground up with our Custom Superesse Strap builder.

Any Safety/Legal concerns?
Handcuff keys are included for illegal detainments only.  Be sure to check state and local laws prior to possession or use.  Blades are sharp and use of some tools may result in injury or death.  The customer assumes all legal responsibility for the possession and use of all items.  Use caution when unravelling the bracelet and unpacking the inner contents, as some items may be sharp.  Superesse Straps is not responsible for any injuries caused by the bracelet or its contents or their use.  Descriptions are generalized and may or may not apply to the items included.  Included tips, suggestions and reference materials should only be relied on as accurate based upon your own research from medical and survival professionals.  Some internal contents could be damaged during wear or unpacking.

What are the color options? (Swipe to side to view all colors)
Multi Cam
Tactical Black
Olive Drab Green
desert camo 550 cordOut of Stock
Coyote Brown
Pineland Gold
Rust Red
Safety Orange 550 cordage
ACU Digital Camo CordACU DIGITAL


Titan Survivor Cord and Live FirecordFIRE & SURVIVAL