Survival and Tactical Supplies - EDC Tools and Emergency Kits

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What do I do with these items? This is a collection of standalone tools or kits that can be added to a paracord bracelet, a watch band, survival pack, morale patch, or just pocket carried.

What are they? They're micro-supplies and easily stored, shipped as loose items. Choose from stuff like firestarters, saws, lights, fishing hooks, cuff keys, compasses, razors, and more.

Shim Cards: A collection of vacuum sealed packets containing survival and EDC essentials. Packed in an oversized business card shaped kit.

EDC Pocket Tins: Small metal tin cans with an array of themed kits. Tins can be pocketed for everyday carry or inserted in our custom Kydex sheaths and clipped to a belt, bag, or worn as a lanyard. 

Band Kits: This is a package of specialty prepared small supplies outfitted to be equipped to the outer band of a paracord bracelet or a watch band. There are an assortment of kits that are categorized to address specific tasks like making a fire or signaling. Pick the kit you want, everything you need to attached it to your band comes with it.

Survival Kit Lighters: DIY preparedness kits that attached to a standard Bic lighter. The perfect way to carry both a fire starter and Personal Survival Kit. 

Standalone Supplies and Replacement Parts: These tools and parts can replace a lost/used item from a paracord strap or can be purchased along side a strap to upgrade it by adding some extras that may not have come with the strap model. So add-on a signal mirror to you bracelet buckle or simply replace a used glow stick. Many parts can be added to a bracelet you already own while other parts will need to be added to a new strap at time or purchase. You can also add these items to our morale patches or your own personal survival kit.