5 Bugout Tips for a SHTF Citywide Evacuation.

How do you evacuate a city? By bus, car, train, foot?⁣

1. It's more about when not how. Anticipate the need for an egress. Stay aware of current events, listen to an NOAA weather radio, follow the news, read the body language and actions of the public. This will allow you to bugout before a state/local order is given and before civil unrest.⁣

2. If you bugout in advance of mass hysteria or at it's earliest stages, a Bugout Vehicle (BOV)is your best option. Dont rely on public transportation, it takes control of the situation your hands.⁣

3. Have a Bugout Location (BOL) pre-mapped. Share the location with your trusted inner circle and follow your ICERS plan. Survival caches and rally points along your route could be useful to regroup and resupply.⁣

4. If you bugout after a Life Changing Event (LAE), backroads and traveling by foot may be your best option. Avoid dense populated areas, carry self-defense, blend in as a gray man. When you ate out of the city look for alternative transportation such as a staged bicycle at a rally point, or in SHTF, an abandoned vehicle.⁣

5. Once you've arrived at your BOL, establish comms, follow your ICERS plan, secure your location with perimeter defense and early warning systems, use radio to stay informed, self sustain, rebuild, and thrive.⁣

Bugout evacuation

📃ICERS - A downloadable bugout template for you to create a category based plan of action following a LAE. It's built to allow all members of your group know when shelter in place or bugout when contact is lost. (Download at link in bio)⁣

🎒BOB Bugout Bag Checklist - Download our guide at link in bio.⁣

🆘️VEK Vehicle Emergency Kit Checklist - Prep your vehicle for an evacuation and SHTF, link in bio.⁣

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