Applying the Grayman Technique to your EDC

The Grayman Technique applied to Everyday Carry
  • What you carry should serve a purpose. This is dependant on your needs, location, tasks/plans for the day, etc. Your EDC will vary based on what you are doing and where you are going. For example an EDC for a trip to the grocery store will be different from that for a day at work. Here’s what you need to analyze to determine your EDC:
          1. Will I primarily be indoors or outdoors? 
          2. Am I in an urban or rural environment?
          3. Will I encounter threats or hostile areas?
          4. Do I need to accomplish tasks that require specific tools that would otherwise not be readily available.
          5. Are their water sources, emergency weather forecasts, areas for shelter, steep inclines, heavy foliage, or other environmental concerns?
          6. What other supplies will be at my disposal? (Bugout Bag, Get Home Bag, Toolbox in back of car, stocked kitchen at work, etc)
          7. What are some of the common barriers I may encounter today?

    Now you’ll need to match your analysis to items that can aid you. Here are some examples of proper applications of assigning a tool/item to accomplish a task or overcome a barrier.
          1. If darkness will fall before you return home = Flashlight
          2. If you are hauling tied down cargo in your truck bed = Knife to cut rope
          3. If you are going to a backyard bbq and plan on drinking = Bottle opener
          4. If you are driving = Wallet/ID Card
          5. If you will be away from home or car or work for 10+ hours = Phone charger
          6. If you are working out in the sun = Lip Balm, Sun Glasses, Hat
          7. If you are clearing trees deep in a forest with a chain saw = Safety Glasses, Gloves, Tourniquet
      As you can see, your EDC will vastly change day-to-day. Just because you don’t have in specific expectations to need a knife, or a gun, or even a flashlight; doesn’t mean you should remove them from your EDC. Planning for the unexpected is what will set you apart from others who fail to prepare. You want to be the person that has what you need and what others need. Rather that be offering a handkerchief to a lady that sneezed, defending yourself and others during a gas station robbery, or cutting yourself free from jammed seatbelt after a vehicle rollover.
      You want to find the right balance. While you should try to prepare for possible outcomes, it’s impossible to have everything you’ll ever need on your person at all times. Don’t burden yourself with unnecessary items. If your pockets are loaded, your belt has 6 things clipped to it, and your shoes has a screwdriver slipped in the sole you’ve gone too far. Assess your needs each day and fine tune your carry.
      1. Your Everyday Carry loadout shouldn’t make you stick out, or become a target. You want to blend in but be the most prepared mental and physically. Practice the Grayman Principle by controlling your actions and the way you display yourself to the public. Here's what you need to know...
      2. ✔Wear nondescript clothing (non-tactical backpack). Wear what everyone else in the area does.
      3. ✔Hide distinguishable features such as a particular scent, walking with a gait, long bangs in front of eyes, tattoo on the forehead, etc.
      4. ✔Conceal nonverbal actions such as looming over your shoulder, pointing, peering around corners, etc.
      5. ✔Go with the flow. Don't travel in areas normal people wouldn't. If you look out of place you've lost your ability to fit in.
      6. ✔Adapt to your surroundings.
      7. ✔Utilize natural distractions. If have to do something that makes noise or would normal draw attention wait for the right time such as when a subway is passing, garbage truck is loading, etc.
      8. ✔Minimize interactions and be forgettable.
      9. ✔Know your city. Don't find your selves needing to ask for directions or train schedules. Know where resources are.
      10. ✔Observe others and go with the flow.
      11. ✔OPSEC. Don't carry all your PII with you. Don't post about your plans or vacations online.
      12. ✔Don't be tactical. If you carry a knife, or a gun, don't advertise it.
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