Bug Out Bracelet Video Review by Skilled Survival

Skilled Survival recently got their hands on our signature paracord strap, the Bug Out Bracelet. Check out their walkthrough video below.

When your other supplies are not available you can rely on this Bug Out Bracelet. It's a micro survival kit equipped with a loadout of gear allowing you to start a fire, build shelter, purify water, signal for help, waterproof a poncho, replace a shoelace, fish, carve an arrow/fashions bow, set a snare trap, tighten a lose screw, boil/cook, open a can of food, skin an animal, white a note, signal, suture a wound, etc. It's a lightweight EDC Bug Out Bag(BOB) for your wrist or to attached to your backpack.

Quick Access Items: 2 Firestarter Rods, Ceramic Blade, Whistle, Jute Tinder, Tinder Wick, Kevlar Saws, P38 Multi-Tool, Signal Reflector, Compass, Glow Light, Saw/Shim Tool, Ranger Bands.

Emergency Supplies (requires break down of bracelet): Sewing Needle, Nail, Snare Wire, Duct Tape, Sealed Plastic Tubing, Strike Anywhere Match, Storm-proof Match, Pencil, Safety Pin, Security Pin, Fish Hook, 2 Water Purification Tabs, Bandage, Surgical Razor, Aluminum Foil, Paracord.