Bugout and Homestead Location Considerations for SHTF

Below are some talking points for things to keep in mind when selecting a bugout location. We've created an #ICERS bugout template, an #INCH Loadout Checklist, and a #Homestead Defense Guide.



Naturally #defendable terrain (more on this later.)⁣

Natural source of water (lake, pond, river, stream, well, etc.)⁣

Adequate #shelter for you and your family.⁣

Abundance of natural resources (timber, wildlife, wild edibles, fish).⁣

Suitable farming/agricultural land and good soil.⁣

Outside the area of immediate danger.⁣

Outside of any urbanized areas⁣

Away from major roads (so it can’t be easily discovered in the first place).⁣

On high ground (it doesn’t have to be on top of a mountain, but make sure it’s not deep in a valley or at the bottom of a hill).⁣

Natural elements that make an enemy attack more difficult (thorny brush, rough/rocky terrain, steep uphill slopes, etc.)⁣

Clear view of the land before you (so you can spot enemy movements).⁣

Install layers of barbed wire fences and nail boards in a #perimeter around your bug out location.⁣

Grow thorny brushes around your bug out location.⁣

Create fake cover for the enemy that bullets can pass through but that they will move to instinctively (brush, logs, etc.)⁣

Make the attacking ground as rough and steep as possible with the aid of sharp rocks.⁣

Consider turning the attacking ground into mud to slow the enemy advance.⁣

Build #traps for the enemy (i.e. pits with sharp spears pointed upwards and covered with foliage).⁣

Maximizing places of cover and firing positions for the defenders.⁣

Minimizing places of cover and firing positions for the attackers.⁣

Inhibiting the enemy advance as much as possible.⁣

Having a healthy #stockpile of #provisions.⁣

Having a #selfsustaining source of food.⁣

Choosing an area with an abundance of food/water sources.⁣

Off the beaten path. Not near urban area, foot or vehicular traffic. Can't be seen from road.

Should be easy to give written or verbal directions so that you can inform friends and family how to find you.

Have easily defendable access points and choke points. Should should able to narrow avenues of approach to 2 or less. 

Doors and windows should have shutters and deadbolts.

Natural means to heat and cool. At the very least, have furnaces or fireplaces.

Root cellar, underground storm shelter, or other means to escape from threats and provide cool places to store food.


Tips shared from Urban Survival Site.

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