Custom Wooden Deck Raft - An expedition and bugout watercraft.

Back in 2014 we built a raft so we could explore sections of North Carolina rivers while being able to carry additions supplies and equipment that would otherwise not be able to fit on a canoe or even a medium size motor boat. We want to go on multiday excursions while having food, water, shelter, warmth, and other basic essentials. We build a solid raft on a 4 barrel frame.

After taking it on a few trips we realized there were a lot of improvements that needed to be done. A few weeks later Eastern NC was hit my a powerful hurricane. Our raft was stored outside a hanger on a low elevation airstrip. The area was flooded and our raft went missing. We found it a month later in the woods and completely destroyed, so we rebuilt. Here's what we ended up with.

This time we built a frame with a 6 barrel system. The deck was made with standard deck boards. We added a underdeck compartment for our coolers to rest near the water. We installed a tin roof system that lowers during heavy rain or while carried on a trailer. Which means we had to make a trailer to fit our raft for offloading. The raft is powered by a trolling motor and a series of deep cycle marine batteries. The batteries are recharged by a 120 watt solar panel by PowerFilm Solar.

camping grilltrolling motorwood raft

Here's the specs,

  • Extendable 7ft tin roof.
  • Kitchenette with grill.
  • Swivel and reclining captain's office chairs.
  • Trolling motor with pulley system steering wheel.
  • Built in storage boxes.
  • Underdeck trap door coolers.
  • Deckboard flooring.
  • 6 barrel floatation.
  • Custom trailer.


We have gone on multi trips. We have a charcoal and propane grill on board. Our supplies are kept in tough boxes. We use a Goal Zero Yeti or the Inergy Technologies Kodiak to power our electronics, yes we even watch movies on board. The trips are easy and exciting. We are offgrid and surrounded by nature. Can't beat this type of boating.