Emergency Loadout Guide - Checklist and Tips for Bug Out Bags

E.L.G. Bug Out Bag (BOB)

Emergency Loadout Guide



An emergency loadout is a set of useful tools and supplies compiled into a bag, tough box, small pouch, or even your vehicle. Each is designed for a certain purpose and packed in a manner that be easily carried or stored. We are working on an Emergency Loadout Guide (ELG) that will cover an array of scenarios. 


There are 5 parts to the ELG.  Each ELG provides checklists, packing tips, emergency guidelines on using loadouts, how-to walkthroughs, and more. We'll be releasing them in the form of online downloads. 


Want a copy? Download the ELG Bug Out Bag Guide.


Bug Out Bag Checklist

This Emergency Loadout Guide provides a checklist of must have items for any Bug Out Bag. Also known as Go-Bags or 72 Hour Bag; A BOB should have enough supplies to allow for a 3 day trip from danger to a predefined rally point. This guide will clearly explain exactly what items to pack. It is non-idealistic in the fact that it does not require a tent or 3 gallons of water. You should expect that bugging out is not going to be easy. You may need to filter water along your route, you may come upon a disturbance and have to end a life so you can survive, it may rain and you may get wet so you’ll need to know how to make a fire quick. The BOB will provide the means to make potable water, defend yourself, and start a fire. It’s a bag used when the unexpected happens and you are not home or when you are home and you don’t have the time or ability to bugout with more substantial supplies like those provided in an INCH loadout. The BOB should be stored in your vehicle, work locker, or other secure storage site. Once retrieved it can be worn during egress or loaded into your vehicle in the event your vehicle is disabled or multiple nights of traveling are needed.

 Bug Out Bag guide and layout for BOB


  1. Use the guide to select the right bag.
  2. Follow the checklist as you buy or find each item
  3. Layout the Loadout and plan how you will package the items in your bag following our tips for quick-access.
  4. As you insert or attach items to the pack, mark it off the list. Memorize the layout and know what you have in the bag.
  5. Train, practice, and know how to use each item in your BOB.
  6. Customize your BOB with optional Supplemental Items.
  7. Follow guidelines for altering the bag to fit your locale, seasonal weather conditions, and current threats.

Bug Out Bag 72 hour pack for 3 day survival


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 Ready to get started packing your BOB? Download this checklist here.